Your Phone Can Help You Meet Your Household Budget

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your family or if your kids are starting to think about applying to college. Every parent can stand to spend less and save more, but it’s not always easy to change your spending habits when you’re busy raising a family. You need help from wherever you can get it!

Your phone may be an unexpected source of financial assistance, but it’s a great tool for stressed-out moms looking for an easy solution. All you need is enough memory to download a few money-saving apps. From apps designed to help track your spending to ones that can lower what you pay for groceries, this list shows you just how easily your phone can help your household budget.

Apps can help monitor your spending

There isn’t always a special reason why you’ve gone over budget. Sometimes, you get off track because you just aren’t paying attention to how you’re using your money. Little purchases can escape your attention, and when they do, you can end up making more of them than you realize. Before you know it, small expenses like a data overage charge or takeout can add up and push you over the edge.

Apps like You Need A Budget and Mint can help you concentrate on every item of your budget, so you’re less likely to overspend in any expense category. Both apps are readily available on iOS and Android systems, so you shouldn’t have any problem downloading them.

Mint tracks your expenses automatically, while YNAB requires you to categorize your transactions manually every day. Which app you choose will depend on how much you want to get your hands dirty. Mint is a relatively hands-off approach to tracking your expenses that automates your budget. YNAB takes a bit of time because it walks you through building a zero-sum budget from scratch. YNAB also costs money because it offers more tools to help you find wasted savings opportunities. If you aren’t sure which one would best suit your family’s need, this app breakdown can help you make that decision.

Apps can help cover unexpected expenses

Many families go off budget because unintentional spending that’s out of their control. Things like necessary bills or repairs can eat up expendable cash and deplete savings, but they’re not things you can ignore.

A new kind of app from online lenders like MoneyKey offers a quick way to find a payday advance online to cover these emergencies. Suitable for both iPhones and Android, the app shows online cash advance options for your area and offers an uncomplicated way to apply for help. If approved, you can use the app to service your online loan by checking your loan status and upcoming payments.

Apps can help limit your spending

Things, like repairing your furnace in the winter or taking your kid to the clinic when they’re really sick, are out of your control, but you should be able to manage your spending on expected expenses. You can rein in spending by using shopping apps that reduce how much you spend on groceries, kids clothes, and nearly any other household item.

Shopping apps is a broad category that includes coupon, rebates, and price comparison services. Not all of them are worth the memory they take up, so use a guide like this one to navigate the shopping apps online. It highlights the top 15 apps guaranteed to save you the most money.

If you aren’t browsing on your phone as you’re reading this, then it’s time to pick up and open the App Store or Google Play Store. It doesn’t matter what make or model you have. As long as you download the apps that fit your lifestyle, you’re bound to start saving more and spending less.

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