You Can Wear This Shirt and Tie Combo with All Suits

If you want to look good every day rather than just acceptable, you need to think about what you wear as a whole. Different shirts may go well or not so well with certain suits, and some shirt and tie combinations look better than others, but you will simplify your life if you have some outfits planned in your head.

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Shopping – Love It or Hate It

Anyone who enjoys shopping will need no encouragement to try new colour and pattern choices. If you don’t enjoy it, planning your wardrobe will save you from having to spend any more time shopping than the bare minimum. For you, coming up with a shirt and tie combination which you know will work with all your suits is one way of simplifying still further.

The Sure-Fire Shirt

A good-quality white shirt is the obvious answer. It’s a classic, it never goes out of style, and it will look crisp and fresh under a suit of any colour – or rather, it should do. As with any shirt, it needs to be replaced as soon as wear and tear start to show.

Alternatively, a very pale blue or pink shirt will go well with any suit and can be more complementary to your skin tone, but the tie match requires more thought. Look at a quality brand for a range of possible colours, such as mens Farah shirts from

The Go-To Tie

Almost any tie will go with a white shirt, but not necessarily with any suit. A plain tie in a subdued colour with a white shirt and plain suit can look very dull. A strongly patterned tie will look good with a plain suit, but may fight with a pin-stripe or check suit. A strong contender for perfect tie is a plain tie in a strong, bright colour – think gold, pink or red. A bright blue can look fantastic as well, but make sure it’s not too close in shade to your blue suit (or blue shirt if you’ve chosen that in preference to white).

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If you want inspiration, there are some very interesting blogs – try Menswear Style.

A good suit and a fool-proof shirt and tie match is a must for every man. A little thought and planning makes it an easy win.

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