Why You Should Change Your Touch Screen Supplier Today

The touch screen industry has taken on an explosive rate in the past few years. Predictions from only earlier in the decade seem quaint today while touch screens continue to change everything from retail environments to transportation to gaming to home appliances. Soon, just about everything in life will involve a touch screen one way or another. For OEMs and system integrators, the way touch screens are changing consumer experiences is an opportunity and a challenge. While touch screen applications become more common than ever, consumer expectations for quality and durability also continue to grow, while new opportunities for efficient design and production also present opportunities to get to market sooner.

Better design is one of the top reasons you should change your touch screen supplier. A touch screen supplier shouldn’t be selling you “off the shelf” solutions. PCAP touch screens need to be designed collaboratively, with the touch screen manufacturer involved in the process to design a perfect fit and optimized functionality. This collaborative design process is practiced by manufacturers like A D Metro and used to better integrate sensors. The end result is a better application that will put you ahead of the competition.

For heavy-duty and outdoor applications, buyers expect superior technology and lower costs. Resistive touch screens are used in industry, transportation, warehousing, digital signage, and kiosks (like ATMs), and they need to meet the demands of the environment. Does your touch screen supplier manufacture touch screens that are weather-proof and resistant to vandalism? Can their touch screens live up to life outdoors on city streets or in the hands of a courier? ULTRA resistive touch screens are one technology solution that can be applied in outdoor environments, low temperatures, and factory environments, where they’re exposed to heat, sparks, chemical solvents, and impact.

Last but not least, cost reduction should be top-of-mind for all OEMs and systems integrators. One technology innovation that’s reducing costs in next generation PCAP technology is the group controller. It’s not going to make the headlines of any technology magazine, but the group controller is big news for manufacturers. The group controller for PCAP touch screens developed by touch screen manufacturer A D Metro is used on a wide range of screen sizes. It means that manufacturers save big on design and inventory costs. The group controller makes product development for PCAP touch screen applications faster and simpler. If your touch screen supplier hasn’t developed a way to reduce the costs of touch screen integration into your applications, it may be time to consider changing suppliers.

The touch screen industry is growing, but it’s also changing rapidly. Manufacturers and integrators need a partner in touch screen design that can keep up with constantly changing consumer demands for better and cheaper technology. Don’t get left out in the cold just as the industry is generating new potential, as touch screens infiltrate every part of daily life.

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