Why Music is Important to Childhood Development


Hundreds of studies have been performed over the years with detailed results that lead experts to believe that music is important to childhood development. While the jury is still out, you can find out for yourself with the following music appreciation methods.

Classical is Rumored to Make Babies Smarter

When women are pregnant, or when their babies are infants, moms are encouraged to play classical music to stimulate the minds of their little ones. Yep, even from inside the womb. The harmonies and melodies of greats like Bach and Beethoven are rumored to bolster brain cells, giving babies the opportunity to increase their intelligence significantly. Whether these studies hold merit or not, no one knows, but it is nice to use classical music like a lullaby to soothe and calm babies.

Music Appreciation Comes from Early Experience

When kids are exposed to different kinds of music from an early age, they gain memories that translate from positive experiences with awesome tunes. This comes with appreciation for unique types of music, from hard rock of the hair-band 80s, to swinging 60 classics, and so on.

Musical Tastes Improve as One Ages and Grows

As you get older, you go through music phases in the same way you go through other phases in your lifetime. Music helps along childhood development because kids will associate certain kinds of music with memories and experiences throughout their childhood. Was the latest pop hit playing when they went to a dance for the first time? Did an oldie provide the backdrop to their first kiss with their first crush? Music enhances these types of milestone experiences, and your musical tastes shift as you age and grow.

Music Can Be Used as a Therapeutic Tool

Music is an excellent coping tool because most songs are relatable to different life scenarios. From rock bands, to classical musicians, every musical artist provides a slice of their personal experience in the songs they create. Therefore, when something happens in your life, you can find others of similar experience through music. Organizations, such as Sing for Hope, offer free or discounted instruments in New York, so you could snag a therapeutic tool for your kiddo without spending a fortune.

Some Music is Educational

Some, not all, music is educational, especially to children. From the ABC songs, to counting melodies that teach kiddos all about numbers, there are numerous ways kid-oriented bands use harmonies to teach children about different things. This is why there are, or used to be, music classes in public schools.

Music is a subjective experience for everyone, children included. When you give your kids the tools to practice and appreciate different types of music, you enhance their experiences for a lifetime.

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