Why is accessibility important for web design?

People with disabilities can struggle to read, understand and navigate the internet, with these disabilities affecting people physically, verbally, cognitively and/or neurologically.

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Many websites currently have accessibility barriers, with evidence showing that disabled people find it difficult to overcome these barriers.

The internet is being used more often and is now one of the top ways to seek information. Web access needs to be user-friendly to provide equal opportunities and access to those with disabilities. It is essential to enable them to be included in society and not isolated.

Web technology can be used to overcome barriers such as print, audio, and visual media. The most important point is that web accessibility is required by law and policies in some cases.

How to make your website accessible

Developers have a role in ensuring the accessibility of a website; in addition, web software is an essential part of the process. Good software enables developers to assess and create accessible sites for people with disabilities.

The Web Accessibility Initiative takes the role of developing guidelines and techniques for access solutions for web developers and software.

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It can be a complicated process to make a website accessible, and sometimes companies prefer to seek professional advice. Businesses seeking web design in Reading can use an agency such as www.starwebinnovations.co.uk to advise and assist in creating an accessible website.

Accessibility features are easily implemented from the start of website design; however, it is harder to incorporate them into an existing website.

Evaluating a website’s accessibility

Consistent evaluation throughout the development process can make implementing tools easier. One way to gauge the accessibility is to change the settings in a browser to see whether it meets guidelines.

Evaluation tools work well, but there is nothing more valuable than human evaluation. Seeking the feedback of those who need websites to be easy to understand will give you a comprehensive view of aspects of your site that need adaption.

There are many ways to incorporate accessibility into a website. By using a combination of web developer expertise, software and evaluations, you can create a successful site that is simple for all to use.

Disabled people sometimes use web assistive technologies to help them, so learning about these could also be of benefit.

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