Why developers should already be liaising with estate managers

Developers are often looking at the potential of a piece of land, but the best developers are often looking one step ahead and considering what their estate agent might be able to do to help them. There are lots of things to consider in the early stages of development.

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Using an expert estate agent’s services from the outset can help a property developer make the most of their investment. An estate agent can advise on what facilities should be included in the new development that will help make things easier for future residents. They can also help with suggestions for the latest trends on longer-term maintenance, and how to budget for service charges.

If you are considering appointing an estate agent, look at all elements of their communication because you will be asking them to deal with lots of people on your behalf to make sure that contracts are fulfilled. That might include health and safety compliance, contracts and all sorts in between.


Once the development is completed, an estate agent can help by recommending block and estate management, which can cover the day to day running of the whole property on behalf of the developer. A company such as Block and Estate Management can cover all elements of the running and upkeep, from accounts for any service charge and dealings with the residents, through to the formal secretarial tasks like filing returns with Companies House.

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For some suggestions for things to avoid doing as a property developer, see the list of things that will mark you out as an amateur developer, see the ideas from The Telegraph.

As a developer, your strength might not be in the day to day running of the property once it is ready for residents to move in, but appointing the right agent can take the property on efficiently, allowing you to move on with the next project. The best agents will keep ahead of latest trends and any changes to the law allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. It can also mean that your property is kept at the forefront, with the very highest standards being maintained.

Ultimately, appointing an estate agent can help give you peace of mind that once the development stage is complete the next steps will be completed and dealt with efficiently.

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