Who Can Benefit from a Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test?

When it comes to conception, it’s imperative that the quality of sperm used is suitable for fertilisation to occur.

When you undergo a sperm DNA fragmentation test, your sperm will be tested to discover whether there’s any indication of abnormal genetics within it.

There are multiple DNA fragmentation tests available, such as the SpermComet test – renowned as one of the very best for producing highly accurate readings.

Certain groups of men may have more reasons to be concerned about their sperm quality than others.

Hereare five groups that are suitablefor a sperm DNA fragmentation test:

Couples suffering from multiple miscarriages

Sadly, for 1% of couples, they’ll suffer the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages.

It’s believed that after a third miscarriage, the chances of a successful pregnancy are significantly lower, and examinations may be needed to determine why this keepsoccurring.

DNA fragmentations in sperm can unfortunately lead to miscarriages and happen for many reasons, including poor diet, a high alcohol intake, smoking or use of recreational drugs.

By having your sperm tested, you may get to the root of the problem and advised to make lifestyle changes, which could give you a better chance of a successful conception.

Older men

As men get older, it’s common for their reproductive systems to become less effective.

This can lead to infertility due to the slowing down of sperm cell production, and in worse cases, erectile dysfunction.

Older males can benefit from sperm DNA fragmentation testing if they are concerned that their age may be putting their chances of conception at risk.

By undergoing testing of this kind, you can get peace of mind when it comes to the performance of your reproductive system and find out whether it’s necessary to undergo any treatments to resolve these issues.

Those struggling with IVF/ICSI

Conception can be an extremely frustrating process for many couples as success cannot be guaranteed.

It can be even more exasperating if you’ve taking the measures to undergo fertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI andare still not able to get pregnant.

Men who have had their sperm used in unsuccessful treatments are recommended to undergo a sperm DNA fragmentation test, to discover whether they have abnormal sperm or there are any underlying issues regarding these failings.

Those with embryos suffering arrested development

Following IVF, some embryos canarrest, which means they stop developing. This can happen before transfer or during implantation, with genetic problems being the most common reason.

If embryos have continuous issues with arrested development, it is possible that there could be issues with the sperm’s DNA fragmentation.

In this case, it would be in the best interest of the male to undergo a SpermComet test, as this can diagnose any damage in the DNA of your sperm, potentially saving you thousands of pounds on various unsuccessful IVF treatments if you haven’t had them already.

Those with unexplained infertility

Due to the multiple causes behind infertility, sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose exactly what the problem is.

By undergoing a sperm DNA fragmentation test, you can at least discover whether r DNA fragmentation is the reason behind your struggles.

Due to the expense of fertility treatments, it’s in your best interests to take a DNA fragmentation test to ensurethere are no issues surrounding your own personal fertility.

There are various treatments out there which aim to bring hope to those struggling with conception and the results of such a test will direct you to treatments which are most likely to be successful in achieving conception.

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