Where to safely locate your climbing frame

Every child loves a visit to the park, but imagine if the park could come to your own back garden by way of a climbing frame!

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Deciding to buy a climbing frame might be an easy decision; however, there a few things to consider before you commit – not least where to put it! You will need a good area of level ground with space around it. It might look OK at a slight angle, but the joints of the frames may suffer additional strain beyond that tested for safety.


Putting a climbing frame on grass without another base might seem like a good idea, but this is a false economy. Grass can get very waterlogged and muddy, and no one wants to play in such conditions. A wood climbing frame, which is much nicer to play on in many ways, will also succumb to rot much faster if it is submerged.

Safety zone

The area in which you put the climbing frame should have enough space all the way round and be free of other toys, plants, garden furniture and washing lines. It must also be clear of walls and fences.

Ideally, you will put a base down to help protect your child in the event of a fall. There are plenty of products available; for example, grass matting or rubber-based flooring are good options. Always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Other considerations

Think about your neighbours and whether your frame overlooks their garden or will create noise by their boundary.

You will probably want to be able to see the frame from the house, so check visibility.

Choose your frame

There are lots of frames to choose from on the market, each with pros and cons. A climbing frame is an investment and a good wooden frame can grow with you children, with many allowing you to ‘bolt on’ additional elements in time, such as swings or slides. Choose your frame from a reputable dealer, such as http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames, to ensure peace of mind.

For more information about keeping your children safe on a climbing frame in the garden and beyond, Safe Kids has an excellent guide.

Make the garden somewhere for the whole family to enjoy – you can even invest in a comfortable chair for supervision in the sunshine!

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