What you need to start planning your wedding?

Wedding planning

The moment has come. The love of your life has asked you married and have Congratulations! The most important thing to know is that you are very lucky. fully enjoy the joy and happiness of this event and keep these alive and present feelings now you start to plan your wedding.

Wedding planning
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Very good! Now, get to work!

The first thing you need to start planning a wedding is to take a little time to meditate on it and consider the three basic elements that will guide the rest of the planning for this special day.

  • Budget
  • Style
  • Date

These three elements are very important because having this information you can start the process of conducting the wedding of your dreams.

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Set a budget for your wedding

First, we consider it very important to set the budget for your wedding . Here the questions to be answered are: Who will pay for the wedding? Do parents of the bride? Do parents of both?

The couple? Or between all? What does it cost to get married? Have you talked with your boyfriend and relatives of both on this issue? If they have not talked, I mark it on your list of priorities and do not keep your wedding planning to have a clear and concise idea of how it will pay for the wedding, who contributes financially, and how much money. I know that talking about money can sometimes be a bit embarrassing and taboo topic, but believe me, this is something truly worthwhile.

On the budget: Consider that if someone contributes financially to your wedding is natural to feel entitled to make suggestions on how to spend that money. This is where the point two of our priorities comes into play what type of wedding you want to have? What will be the style of your wedding? If you already have in mind the style of your wedding will be easier for you indict the suggestions you receive from your family so that they are happy to participate and you happy with the wedding of your dreams.

start planning your wedding
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Define a style for the wedding of your dreams

Almost all the girls in one way or another, at some point in our lives dream of their wedding. When you close your eyes and think of your wedding what kind of images come to you? A long dress with veil tail and a large luxury? A church curd flowers? A lounge, a park, a botanical garden? Think of the city where they currently live or maybe you’re transported to another city or country … maybe you dream about a destination wedding held on a beautiful beach, a beautiful sunset, your boyfriend a typical guayabera and you with one of those cute dresses bride swaying in the sea breeze. Perhaps yours is a wedding theme or period, such ecological time and very much in touch with nature … Whatever the style that you dream about what matters now is to define a general level what type of wedding you want to have.

It describes in two or three statements your dream wedding, be clear and concise. Now make a short list of the necessary elements from your ideal wedding, be sure to write down the things that surely cannot miss on your wedding in order of priority.

Create a general idea of your wedding and already knowing what they really crave with confidence you can talk about your ideas with your boyfriend and relatives of both. With a well-trained general idea, you can accept suggestions that complement your dream or give in on things that are not so important to you.

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Choose the date of your wedding

If you and your sweetie have already chosen a date Super! But now is when. It is likely to have a specific date already in mind but has not yet reached that there are some factors that may help to define which day will be the big day.

If you dream of a formal wedding with a great dress and all the furnishings you may want to consider holding it during the fall, winter or spring. If yours is rather a celebration in a botanical garden, in a park or on the beach, you may want to consider the spring and summer for your wedding. If what you most worried about is that all your family and friends to attend the wedding then you have to focus on holidays, long weekends or holidays. Finally, if your main consideration is to take care budget and save on your wedding then you have to plan the wedding date considering that if you make your reservations over a year before one can get great economic advantages. At any time one can celebrate a wonderful wedding and all seasons have their virtues.

Remember: Depending on the season changes the availability of churches, temples, parks, and sites specializing in wedding and event services, flowers and seasonal food. Another important factor is the weather. For example, if the place you have in mind for your wedding usually has a very strong rainy season had better refrain from choosing a date in the summer. Keep these factors in mind when choosing the date of the celebration of your marriage.

planning your wedding
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Start today to plan the wedding of your dreams!

Having defined these three basic elements: budget, style, and your wedding date, you put the basis on which it will be built into a wonderful celebration. Now it’s time to have fun planning the wedding details that will make your dreams come true.

Get my biggest congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful wedding and a marriage and loving.

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