What to Do on Your London Weekend: Walk in Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

Not sure what to do next weekend in London, Ontario? Have most of your friends headed off to cottage country while you’re stuck in the city? If you’re trying to make the most of your summer, but you’re staring down a weekend without any big plans, consider learning how to throw an axe. Axe throwing has been spreading steadily throughout Ontario and making waves as the country’s next big sport.

In its earlier days, there were only two ways you could really participate in the sport. Either you could a) join a league or b) book the venue with a large group, typically for a birthday or a company function. That meant you either had to commit to playing every week for a couple of months or get together a big enough group of people to book up the venue. However, the people at London’s Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) finally realized the pent up demand people had for a more casual way to play. Now you can walk in, alone or with just a handful of friends. Friendly instructors will teach you how to throw in case it’s your first time, and then you can work on your target practice. You’re finally free to go walk in axe throwing at BATL, just in time for those long summer weekends.

If you’re curious about the fuss everyone’s making about this pastime (and it has some true devotees), it might be time to swing by yourself. Walk in axe throwing in London is also a great way to vet it out as a potential birthday party idea or to book as a corporate team building event. Get a handle on the hatchet and see if it’s a good fit for your team. Alternatively, you can just go to see what it’s all about, and maybe meet some fellow novices along the way.

Once you’ve had a bit of practice and realized you can’t get enough, you can always sign up for their regular league. For beginners, here’s how a competition works:

  1. Players go head to head on the pitch, battling it out for a better score in order to qualify for the play offs.
  1. In order to score, players have to hit one of three concentric circles. The bullseye is worth five points, the inner circle 3, and the outer circle 5. The rest of the space on the targets used at BATL are worthless, except for two green spots. The green dot is called the clutch, but more on that later.
  1. Players get five throws to score as highly as possible.
  1. On their fifth and final throw, the clutch comes into play. If a player lands on either clutch, they earn a whopping seven points, which can easily put them ahead in a tight race.
  1. In the event of a tie, players must throw the “long axe,” which requires two hands due to its much-longer haft. It’s truly tremendous to see someone land a bullseye with one of these.

This summer, be sure to take advantage of walk in axe throwing in the London area.

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