What kitesurfing wing to choose when you are a beginner


We will see here what wing to choose to begin in kitesurf, a fantastic sport that consists of surfing with the aid of a sail pushed by the wind. All the intense sensations offered by this sport have made it one of the watersports of reference of our time. In this article, we will introduce you different concepts to help you choose your first kitesurfing wings. Before we begin, we insist on the need to have taken kitesurf lessons before starting to buy equipment. Do not forget that kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, which can have serious consequences or cause a lot of damage if you use kitesurfing wings without knowing any notion.

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kitesurfingThe kitesurfing wings most recommended to start are the bow and hybrid wings or the Delta and SLE. The main features that interest a beginner who is about to buy his first kitesurfing wing are: power to have the greatest possible room for maneuver, good stability and control of the kite, a very large surface To get the most out of all the wind conditions with a single sail and to get up easily from the water when you fall.

You can have a system with four or five lines. Currently, both systems have the excellent safety. We advise you in a subjective manner on the four lines since they allow you to mount the material more easily, to lower the bar when you remove a line and to have a line less to untangle when your threads become real “spaghetti”. It should be emphasized that some wings need a fifth line to be lifted from the water, as the C Shape.

kitesurfingA very important detail: find out about the wind conditions in the area where you intend to practice kitesurfing. All manufacturers have comparative tables of winds for their wings. It is important to consult them and take the measure best suited to your spot.

Usually, for a weight of about 75 kg and a spot where the winds are usually between 13 and 25 knots, you can choose a size of 11 meters. If your weight is about 60 to 65 kg, choose a size of about 9 meters, or if you weigh more than 85 kg, take instead a size of 13 meters.

kitesurfingWe advise you to test your kitesurfing equipment before buying it if possible. The wings adopt different behavior and present different pressure bars, speeds, and stabilities according to the brand, the size, and the model.

Often, once you have taken several courses, you have difficulty adapting to your new material. Choose the wing you feel most comfortable with and meet the criteria outlined above.

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Before purchasing kitesurfing equipment, begin by renting the equipment of a kitesurfing school, and if it is convenient, buy it.

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