What happens when you fall in love?

fall in love

A stranger who smiles at you, a friend by your side for a long time, no matter who falls in love because the importance is in the spontaneity of the feeling and the magic it brings thereafter. What happens when you fall in love? The editor tries to answer the questions that arise when love arrives in our lives.fall in love

You’ve seen all the “thunderbolts at”. But from Nothing Hill to Bollywood, you feel like love is everywhere except in your city. One day your prince will come, but when? And how to recognize him without his white horse and his waxed boots? Know that yours will probably not grow the song by seeing you, and it’s probably better that way.

On the other hand, your heart will race, your hands will shake and all this without even knowing why. For scientists, the thunderbolt is related to pheromones. Clearly, linked to the sexual attraction that our odor produces. But it’s more than that. For if we were to fall in love with all the men by whom we are attracted, it would be truly problematic.

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Because after passion love comes passion and love, it is natural to want at all costs to find the man who will trigger them. And this man may be a stranger, a friend of a friend, or even a friend. One fine day, the look you were putting on that friend who was wiping your tears when your ex-left, and who was taking you back to bed after a rainy evening, may become obvious.   fall in love

First of all, there is no map showing where your soul mate is. For the object is precise to find it when it is least expected. On the other hand, the editor of Marie Claire tells you how it can come, overnight, to knock on your door without warning. Because it can happen at 20 years as at 30 years, but also at 70 years: discover the testimonies of those who are (re) fallen in love at an advanced age and who live it to the bottom.

Once your senses have all developed towards one man, you will find the signs that prove that he too has fallen under the spell. Some of them gave themselves up to Marie Claire and confess the emotions they feel when they fall in love. You will have, after reading their testimonials, the confidence to go to your favorite and then live your story.

But in the meantime, come out! Keep drinking your aperitif in your usual bar but leave the weekend in new places, do not be afraid to chat with younger or older men, well or badly dressed, because you never know when fate Mingle or to whom he leads us. A meeting can create others. Be free, spontaneous and open to the world around you. fall in love

Leave you’re a priori and your obsession of the thunderbolt as they will prevent you from being yourself. Even if you are not in a happy period of your life, this is not a break! The proof: some experienced their love at first sight in full depression.

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