What does an F1 race engineer do?

An F1 engineer position calls for skills, precision, planning, reliability and dependability. An F1 engineer is the person who the driver depends on more than anyone else when they are in a race. For an idea of what the job of F1 engineer involves, take a look at our list of essential skills and functions.

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They act as communicator and facilitator

An F1 engineer acts as a go-between between the driver and the rest of the team. They find out the areas that the driver is satisfied with, as well as the things they want to change. This information is then relayed to the whole team.

They provide knowledge and skills

An F1 engineer is highly skilled and highly valued for their knowledge of the field. Before races they plan and brief the driver and the team. They also provide post-race feedback, which may be invaluable to help improve performance.

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They pay attention to detail

F1 engineers are knowledgeable on all aspects of the race, such as the amount of fuel required for the car and the best tyres to use. They decide which tests should be carried out on the car and they are also able to assess potential problems and take steps to prevent them. They need to understand every aspect of the car’s system so that they are able to optimise the car’s performance. F1 engineers are very involved with every aspect of the car’s mechanics and race performance. If you like to watch F1, for example, from the Hungary F1 Paddock Club (https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/hungary/), then you will be able to hear the F1 race engineer in action as it is their voice that is talking to the F1 driver during the race.

They plan and prepare for every race

F1 engineers will travel the circuit before every race. They plan and execute practice sessions before races, taking note of every detail and compare performances. Their focus is on precision and they try to leave nothing to chance. Practice sessions are also used to gather information about the best time for breaks, best tyres to use and other aspects of the vehicle to optimise ahead of a race.

F1 race engineers are usually very passionate about racing, so for many it really is a dream job!

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