What damage can landlords make deductions for?

There is a lot to keep track of when you are a landlord. There are the bricks and mortar of the property, but also the contents and fittings. When tenants leave, they usually want their deposit back straight away, and landlords want the property to be in good condition. However, not all tenants leave properties as they found them, so landlords should be aware of what they can claim for.

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Keep track of the paperwork

To made deductions, landlords need as much evidence as possible, including the rent agreement and how it has been breached, correspondence, and of course, photographs that are dated. A comprehensive inventory is also extremely helpful, and property inventory software is available that can assist with compiling one.

For more tips on how landlords can manage their property portfolios effectively, see this report from The Telegraph.

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As you leave it

When tenants depart, they should leave the property in a clean state. If it is not clean, then the landlord may make deductions. However, there is an element of deciding what is a state of reasonable cleanliness and landlords need to be realistic about how clean they can expect the property to be.

Landlords must accept a certain level of wear and tear that comes with people living in a property. The larger the property and the more people living there, the more wear and tear there will be. Damage is another thing, however. Large stains, burns, broken furniture or missing items could all constitute negligence. High-quality items will also last better, and landlords may need to accept that cheap items may not be quite as durable.

If you want to find out more about the convenience of using property inventory software to document the state of your property at the start of a tenancy, then it would be a good idea to consult experts in this area such as https://inventorybase.co.uk/ who can advise as to the options available.

Many tenants are considerate and leave properties at the end of tenancies in a good state. To guard against those who don’t, it is important to have all the evidence needed to make claims from the deposit to carry out repairs or replace items. Being prepared is vital for ensuring tenancies are completed smoothly and there are no major disputes.

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