What are the Benefits of Triple Glazing?

Most homes these days have double glazed windows. This means their windows consist of two pieces of glass stuck close together, with the space in-between usually filled with an inert gas such as argon.

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The use of two panes of glass provides numerous benefits, the main one being that they provide better insulation to the home. That is, they keep the cold out and the heat in – essential for keeping down energy bills and maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Double glazing also has the benefit of reducing the amount of noise which enters the house – so double-glazed homes are much quieter inside than older houses with single-glazed windows.

But there is another option for householders these days – triple glazed windows. And triple glazing brings its own benefits.

What is Triple Glazing?

As the name suggests, triple glazing goes one better than double glazing by adding another layer of glass to the window.

The three panes of glass are separated from each other by spacers, and the spaces in-between filled with gas, just as in double glazing.

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Three is Better Than Two

As you may expect, triple glazed windows offer better heat retention and better noise reduction than those which are double glazed.

Although the difference in heat retention between double and triple glazed windows is not huge, you should see a small reduction in your heating bills if you opt for triple glazing. Countries which have very cold winters, such as Canada and Norway, usually build their homes with triple glazing as standard, so it obviously works for them!

Three panes of glass will also help dampen down noise from nearby sources, too. Certainly, triple glazing is a great idea if you live close to a busy road or want to reduce the sounds from a nearby factory or school playground.

The main benefit, however, is less obvious. According to The Green Age, double glazing can create cold patches in a home which triple glazing is better at eliminating.

So you would be wise to consider the benefits of triple glazing when you are next renewing your windows.

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