What are the Basic Skills and Techniques to Master in Football?

Football is a game of skill and power, and to become a good player you will have to master both. Top professionals like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale have dedicated their whole lives to honing their ball control skills and spent countless hours practising on the training field and working in the gym. If you’re thinking of taking up football as a hobby or want to have a kick around with your friends, then here are four basic skills and techniques to master.

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1. Controlling the ball

Being able to bring the ball under control is key to maintaining possession in football. Control only comes when you feel comfortable with the ball at your feet so, practice with a ball as much as you can. Juggling a football is a good way of improving control – try and keep the ball off the floor for as long as you can with your feet, knees and head.

2. Running with the ball

Running into space and moving the ball across the field quickly will make it hard for defenders to tackle you and win the ball back. To make it even harder for the opposition players, you may want to dribble the ball while you are running. Dribbling is the act of moving the ball from one foot the other. Practice running and dribbling with the ball around cones, trying to successfully manoeuvre around the cones quicker each time you do it.

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3. Passing

Passing is the action of giving possession of the ball to your teammate. It may be a cliche, but possession is key in football and identifying and passing the ball to teammates is vital. A pass will help your side move the ball quickly across the park and keep it away from the opposition by changing the direction of play. One way of ensuring you pick out teammates is by all wearing the same kit. Companies like https://www.kitking.co.uk have a selection of Nike football kits to get your team started.

4. Shooting

Shooting and scoring requires power and accuracy. Firstly, you need to ‘hit the target’, which is the goal, and secondly you want to place the ball out of the reach of the goalkeeper. Practice makes perfect with this skill, the more you shoot the better goalscorer you’ll become.

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