Wedding in the middle Ages styles grace and style

grace and style

The most memorable are themed wedding. Especially if they involve different era of time, the history of mankind, confident portal . In this article, I would like to consider in more detail this style wedding as the Middle Ages.

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Since the wedding in medieval style is difficult to attribute to the usual weddings, and the venue of the celebration must necessarily conform to the middle Ages. It is unlikely to fit the cafe across the street, and even the chicest modern restaurant. The main thing atmosphere of the mood. Otherwise, the wedding style will be destroyed. Of course, if you make the effort, you can find a cafe restaurant for a wedding, where style meets middle Ages. Therefore, one should not despair.

If possible, you can hold a wedding at the castle. It is also worth considering a wedding in the open air, where you can break the tents. In addition, medieval wedding, you can rent a racetrack. The last place, by the way, will become an indispensable option if you decide to play as a fun competition between the medieval half male guests. There is also the useful horse. How is it carried out in medieval style wedding without horses?

Wedding in the middle Ages styles
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Fairy-tale castle for medieval wedding

Do not forget that the search for a place for celebration and wedding should not be postponed indefinitely. Perhaps this is the first thing to do is, in the preparation of a medieval wedding. Otherwise, you may miss out on suitable premises.

The  medieval newlyweds

If the painting you will be held in the registry office, then, perhaps, it is to purchase a traditional wedding dress. This eliminates the need if you have issued the registrar exit. In this case, all the forces should quit searching for thematic clothing. After all, such outfits are not exactly bought and take in rent in a traditional wedding salon.

Unique image of the newlyweds in the style of the middle Ages

Let’s start with the image of the bride. It is necessary to immediately renounce the use of advanced models of wedding dresses. Believe me, the bride dress middle ages differed beauty and elegance. Therefore, in such an outfit, you will feel comfortable, and of course this “lady of the heart”.

Wedding dress of the bride should be sewn from satin or velvet, as long as the material was heavy. Here one must have sleeves, while three-quarters. It is important that the sleeve and bodice were perfectly tailored to the bride. Color can choose at its discretion, but, as a rule, stylized wedding dresses are often found in dark colors, which are decorated with tapestries and embroidered with embroidery. However, this does not mean that you have to be from the white dress. No! It will also look beautiful and profitable thing – follow the style of the wedding.

grace and style
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The gentle of the bride

By the way, if you create an image of “medieval” bride’s makeup should not get involved. Everything should be as natural. Also, forget about complicated hairstyles.

Now let’s talk on the wedding portal about the groom. With the search and selection of a suit, some difficulties may arise for the groom. But show persistence and patience! After all, the result of your efforts will hit not only the guests but also you personally.

grace and style
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For the honor and the heart of his beloved!

So, at the wedding, the bride is transformed into a brave knight. Therefore, it is a suit and not looks for. For example, your favorite, you can clothe in a white shirt, which is worn on top of a slightly elongated cape. It is worth noting that the Cape has to be embroidered. Pants should be quite narrow. To create a complete image of the groom can offer a sword.

grace and style
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Medieval Wedding cortege

Again, try to avoid the use of modern vehicles. Of course, it does not always get the money to implement all their desires. If suddenly there is a problem, try to decorate the cars in the style of the middle Ages. Use ribbons, flowers of the field, you can also decorate the car emblems. Remember that each element of decoration should talk about the style of your wedding.

Yet, an ideal one for a wedding convoy to become a medieval wedding horse carriage.

You will experience an incredible feeling when the ride in a carriage in the full image. Your wedding in the style of the middle Ages, you will remember for the rest of your life in great detail!

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