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She’s a little bit country, and you’re a little bit rock n’ roll. VSSL makes it so you don’t have to compromise your music or your taste, even when you share a space! At VSSL, we believe you can still live in harmony and still enjoy your music. We have created two top notch wireless audio systems that allow you more freedom than ever before to listen to your music in any room in your home. This native streaming device, doesn’t require you to learn an entire new sound system either. We work with the apps you already know and love. VSSL systems can be used to stream music as a Spotify Connect, Airplay, or Google Chromecast amplifier. You can find a list of all of the different apps that can be used (Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, etc) through our one of a kind Chromecast amplifier, here. Find out more below, about our native streaming systems, how they work, and how you can set up a Chromecast amplifier in your home using either our A.3 or A.6 system.

VSSL: Our Systems

Located in Hurricane, UT, VSSL takes pride in creating wireless audio products that are enjoyable and easy for everyone to use. Our native streaming systems allow you to listen to the music you love like never before! Our wireless audio system, the A.6 allows you to enjoy crisp sounding music in six different zones at the same time throughout your home. This isn’t just for home use either with six different zones, the A.6 is also a perfect option for businesses, offices,and clubs. With the A.6 you will be able to listen to any app in the world on six different devices in six different zones simultaneously. Some other features of our A.6 system include:

  • Zone control with use from any mobile device, computer, or tablet.
  • Easy Party Zone setup
  • Easy to use app that allows for easy installation and fine-tuned control.
  • 6X6X6 : Six different people are able to listen to six different songs in six different zones at the same time!
  • Native Streaming abilities allow you to use your apps in the desired zones.

We also offer our newest system, the A.3 for smaller homes or businesses. With this system you will still get the freedom that the A.6 provided, just not in as many zones. This is a perfect option for small families or homes that don’t need six different zones for native streaming capabilities.

How VSSL Systems Act As A Chromecast Amplifier

Our A Series systems allow you to access all your favorite music features on various platforms. VSSL is compatible with Airplay, Spotify, Chromecast, PC, Mac, Apple TV, Android and more. If you use Google Chromecast as your platform, you will be able to use our system as your chromecast amplifier in just a few simple steps after the initial setup of your VSSL audio system.

Connecting To Google Chromecast

  1. Make sure that your listening device is connected on the same network as your VSSL audio system.
  2. Go to you favorite music app and play a song.
  3. On the “Now Playing” screen, locate the Google Cast icon. Once you have located this icon your audio zones will appear. You can also swipe up from the bottom edge to reveal the the icon in the Control Center.
  4. Select your zone and Party On!

Start Enjoying The Freedom Of VSSL Today

Even if your music tastes are stuck in the past, that doesn’t mean how you enjoy your music  should be too. At VSSL, we want all of customers to enjoy high quality sound when and where they want to. Listen to music the way it was intended too, with our wireless audio systems. Our customers are our priority and we make sure to deliver top of the line products at fair prices. Contact VSSL today to find out how you can start listening to your music the way you should be.

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