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The winter is here, so we inevitably started to look for new outwears for this cold season. There is no doubt that fur coats are the highlight of our shopping list, just because they are fabulous enough to make us look like Hollywood stars on every single occasion. It’s pretty clear that the designers did their best to bring out absolutely fabulous garments, and you can really say that this season is one of the best in the past years. New cuts, new volumes, crazy colors and a lot of great choices. One of the best places where you can find the best fur coats is the A&A Vesa online store. The ratio between their beautiful products and the prices is so great and we can say that they sell them at a bargain price. We have so many favorites in the new Vesa fur coats collection, but here are the garments that took our attention!

This is one of the most beautiful fur coats we have ever seen. It is made of natural polar fox fur and raccoon fur and its colors allow you to wear it in any outfit you want. Do you know those times when you find a clothing piece that looks too good to be true and instantly fall in love with it? Well, this is what we are feeling right now. We thought about how we would wear this beauty from the Vesa fur coats collection, and we have found so many outfit styles.

It would look so good with very long leather gloves, cat eyes sunglasses, long suede high heeled boots and a velvet turtleneck bodysuit. What do you think?

This is the second garment from the Vesa fur coats collection that took our attention. It looks so fluffy, soft and warm that you cannot fall in love with it. This fur coat is made of Merino lamb fur trimmed to 8 mm thickness and the interior is padded with a polyester material. The two pockets and the collar of the coat are made of polar fox fur. You can wear it both in casual and elegant outfits. Actually, it would look great even with sporty shoes and pants. Do you know those super minimalistic black and white sports shoes? Yes, they would look great with this garment from the Vesa fur coats collection.

We didn’t forget men, so here is one of the best garments from the Vesa fur coats collection. The choice was so hard, just because the men collection looks as great as the one dedicated to women. This fur coat is made of natural lamb fur trimmed to 8mm thickness and on the exterior is made with high-quality Nappa lamb leather. The collar is made of trimmed lamb fur. It can be worn both in classy and casual outfits, so it is a great investment for every man who wants to look great and not spend a fortune on high-quality fur coats.

We hope you like our selection from the new Vesa fur coats collection. Check their online store and find out many more models.

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