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You do not want to be spoilers, but the success of your vacation will depend on the planning of your income and expenses. It does not mean that you have to go to the places you least like, but find a balance between your tastes and your financial possibilities. You must consider the destination, the means of transport, the duration of your trip, the number of companions and the activities you wish to perform.

So, that in this vacation do not drown your finances, we give you 10 basic tipsVacations

1. Define what type of vacation you want

if you want the typical beach escape to rest from the noisy city, or you lean more for adventure tourism; You want to visit some magical town or an archaeological zone. It considers that some tourist destinations like the beaches are more expensive than for example, to visit a colonial city. Depending on your preferences and the time you are scheduled to leave, you can approximate a total cost, previous research of the prices online or in at least three travel agencies. Be realistic with your budget!

2. Learn about the attractions of the place, the experiences of other travelers – by internet – and the activities that are recommended to do there, the costs for entrances and transportation to the points of attraction.

Avoid being surprised by local vendors who get paid double or triple for walks you can plan before your departure without such a high cost. Mapping an itinerary will help you visualize the expenses, add or eliminate activities, per the amount of money you have destined for this adventure.

3. Decide the means of transport

Airplane, own car or bus, depends mainly on the budget you have and the distance to your destination. Traveling long distances by bus can be uncomfortable; Considers that there are currently airlines offering air tickets at bus prices. Get maps of the site you visit to be able to contemplate the distances to the airport, the central bus, taxi costs, and so on.

If you want to make several stops to know different tourist points, it is advisable to travel in your own vehicle; Pre-check before you go on the road and make sure you get enough rest the night before your trip to avoid accidents. Also, check that your auto insurance policy is current.

is a platform that you will find on the page of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) that helps you to plan the best route to take a trip on the country’s roads. Just indicate the city of origin and destination to know:

  • the shortest route,
  • the total cost of the houses or bridges you will pay,
  • the length of the journey and estimated time to travel.

It also gives you an estimate of what you will spend on gasoline per your car (you only must enter the data of the same).

4. Forget to eat at the airport or at exclusive restaurants

Meet local markets and food stalls. It will be enough to walk away from a few blocks from the tourist centers to find the typical dishes of the region, as they eat them there, at the best price.

5. Search for hosting options

To choose better it determines how much time you will spend in the hotel, for example, if it is just to sleep and to bathe, you can opt for something comfortable but economic. If your roll is spending more time in the hotel, the recommendation is to invest more in this concept. Look for promotions “all inclusive”, some items are cheaper per package.

6. Remember to pack everything you need to avoid buying last minute accessories, which you can carry with you from your homes like the toothbrush and deodorant.

Nor is it a question of charging too much. Investigate what type of clothing is appropriate to the climate of the place you visit, as this can be a significant non-budgeted expense. If you travel by plane, the cost of excess baggage is included.

7. Set a cap for spending on “reminders” and name each gift

It is an item that almost nobody considers (and where there are more leaks of money).

8. Account for 15% of your budget for contingencies (losses, a medicine, etc.)

Better safe than sorry and in the worst case be stranded.

9. Do not forget to carry

Your student’s or senior’s credential, as with this you can get additional discounts that usually mean considerable savings.

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10. Make good use of plastic:Vacations

  • Evaluate the temptation of “travel now, pay later”: do not pass the card here and there if you are not sure that you can cover the payments later. Do not spend beyond your means.
  • When you arrive at your destination, locate your bank’s ATMs to avoid using RED’s that charge you extra commissions. Plan cash withdrawals from your debit card and preferably use credit only to pay at establishments.
  • Make a list of your bank’s emergency telephone numbers in case of theft or loss of your cards. Use those whose cut-off date has recently passed, so the interest-free financing term will be higher. Also, check the expiration date before departure, to be sure they will not expire during the holidays.
  • If you make a payment with a card, do not lose sight of it; When signing, the voucher makes sure that the amount that appears is correct. Save them to be able to complain if any anomalies are detected.

To help you with the budget part, we made for you three, to different destinations of the country with different traveler profiles, for a stay of four days, three nights.

Beach Sand castlesVacations


If you are looking for travel with family or with children is one of your best options. Thanks to the tranquility of its waters, it is perfect to practice water sports and enjoy the sand and the sea. Here you will find several informal restaurants to enjoy the typical food of the place at affordable prices.

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Adventure and curiosity

Nestled in a mountainous portion of the Huesca, its location and prodigious atmosphere, immediately enchant the visitor. Stroll its steep streets, visit its attractions, and discover why this place is intimately related to surrealism.

Backpack on the shoulderVacations

If you are one of those who likes to learn about the places you visit, this destination is for you. To know Palenque is to discover the soul of the Mayan world and admire the majestic architecture of our ancestors. You are required to have insurance to cover the damages you may suffer as a passenger and have medical expenses coverage and compensation for death in the event of an accident.

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