Ultimate Guide for Online Kratom Purchases


Kratom is a naturally occurring herb that is native to Southeast Asia and is found in regions such as Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Borneo amongst others. It has been legalized in the United States as a form of alternative medicine and now the market is flooded with numerous variations of this natural remedy. New Kratom products are introduced on a regular basis due to its widespread use and popularity. However, the availability of so many options means that you are going to be perplexed when you decide to go Kratom shopping. There are different strains of Kratom and each has unique features, qualities and forms.

So, how do you make the right decision? This is a complete guide that can familiarize you with the various names and terms associated with Kratom:

  • Region of Origin

As aforementioned, Kratom is found in different regions of Southeast Asia and this is where there are numerous strains as they all come from different countries. The variations of Kratom are mostly named after the region they are from. You can find diverse strains of this plant in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and they are named accordingly. Furthermore, it is important to remember that a different concentration of alkaloids can be found in each strain, which can have an impact on its effects. Therefore, it is vital to know the exact region of origin of the strain you are purchasing.

  • Color of the Central Stem

Things become slightly more complicated here because the central stem of Kratom leaves is of different colors. This color is basically the precise indicator of the unique properties of the plant so the color is also used for naming the various Kratom strains and products. Red strains are known to work as sedative whereas green ones are mostly renowned because of the high boost in energy they can offer. As far as green strains are concerned, they are deemed a combination of the two.

  • Form of Product

It is also imperative that you understand the different forms in which Kratom products are now available. As a matter of fact, the form of the product can affect the dosage to be taken for achieving the desired effect. Most of the time, the strains of Kratom are processed in powder form, very similar to dust. This is a bit different from extract powder, which is more concentrated. There is also powder in Kratom capsules, but they are packaged in a better way so it is easy to consume them. A more powerful form of the herb is tincture, which is a liquid, whereas a highly concentrated and dense type of Kratom is resin.

  • Quality

The production quality rate found on Kratom products is another cue of how the strain was processed and the results it provided. There are basically three strains in this regard; super, premium and enhanced. The first is produced with large leaves while the second contains stems, which gives it higher alkaloids. The enhanced version is a blend of powder and strains so it has plenty of potency.

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