Trendy Ideas To Set Your Wedding Apart From The Rest

While a traditional wedding tends to be beautiful, it also tends to be indistinguishable from other weddings taking place during the year. The dresses tend to be long and white, the bouquets are usually roses, and even the dishes served at the reception can seem all too familiar. If you branch out and try some of these trendy ideas, your wedding will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Ditch The White Dress

Almost every bride of the season will be wearing a white gown along with a matching lace veil when they walk down the aisle. Go for a wedding dress in a bold colour like emerald green, ruby red or sapphire blue — this way, you can even arrange for your dress to be your “something blue.” If you don’t want the entire dress to be a bright hue, you can add small touches of colour and texture with embroidery or appliqués.

Instead of booking an appointment at a bridal shop, explore local boutiques and vintage shops in order to find hidden gems. For a party-ready outfit, you can get an extravagant beaded or fringed flapper dress. For something simpler, find a flattering cocktail dress that will make you look classically gorgeous while saving you from spending thousands of dollars. If you really want to go outside of the box, find a sleek jumpsuit — nothing will separate you from the crowd of wedding dresses like a pair of pants. 

Serve Your Food Outdoors

If you want your guests to drink and party all night long, you will need to provide lots of food for them. Instead of serving them multiple courses over the span of several hours or leaving trays of appetizers out to get cold, get a food truck. You can hire your very own food truck with the help of a wedding catering specialist and serve your guests the high-end fast food of their dreams. A catering company like The Food Dudes offers playful twists on tacos, burgers and fries with their food truck, so that guests can enjoy gourmet guilty pleasures right outside of your wedding venue. Booking a food truck will make it feel like you’re throwing your own private festival, instead of a regular sit-down affair. 

Toss A Different Bouquet

If you still want your bouquet to be a floral arrangement, consider stretching the definition of flowers. You can make an intricate bouquet of beautiful paper roses — these flowers will never wilt, so they can be cherished as a keepsake forever. For something more romantic, you can make these paper roses out of book pages or sheet music — choose pages of your favourite books, songs, and love poems. You could also arrange for flowers to be made of other interesting materials like burlap, plant root and even wood.

Throw a wedding that suits your unique personality and stands out from all the other events of the season. Ditch the traditional white wedding dress for something colourful, vibrant and affordable. Make your big day feel like a full-blown street festival with catered food trucks parked outside. Toss a one-of-a-kind bouquet that won’t wilt or wither by the end of the night. If you are inspired by these fun and trendy ideas, your wedding will be absolutely unforgettable.

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