Travel vaccines you need before you go


Before leaving, make sure you have obtained all the essential travel vaccines to your destination. Here you need to know to stay healthy.

Travel vaccines
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Preparing to travel should not be a chore, because finally here’s a list of things to do that we cannot wait to fill. You will have to plan routes, baggage to pack and to book flights. In your excitement, do not lose sight of the essential, especially vaccines that will be needed.

Your destination does pose a risk to your health?

Some destinations require being vaccinated before going there, not. If you are planning, for example, to participate in a safari in South Africa, you will need vaccines that match out. Even minor changes to your itinerary could change the vaccines you need.

Many websites guide you to the vaccines required for your destination. Your doctor should also be able to determine the vaccines that will protect you during your exciting journey.

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How do I know which vaccines are needed?

A specialist travel health will be of great help to distinguish details required from those recommended vaccines. To find out what vaccines you need, we must rely on several factors:

  • Your risk of exposure to the disease in the country or countries you plan to visit
  • Your age, your medical records and your immunization history
  • Any potential risk factor, such as pregnancy, a pre-existing heart condition or anything that may weaken your immune system
  • Allergic reactions to previous vaccines
  • The duration of your stay

At the same time you are looking to obtain specific vaccines your trip, make sure that the vaccines you received in childhood and your booster vaccinations are current. This is a requirement to travel, so take care to check your vaccination history to:

  • Diphtheria / tetanus / peruses (Tdap)
  • Hepatitis B virus (HBV)
  • Homophiles influenza type B (Hib)
  • Measles / mumps / rubella (MMR)
  • Polio (IPV)

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Travel Planning

Many are unaware that vaccines may require more than one appointment and therefore have to book in advance. Experts recommend consulting about four to six weeks before you leave. Following a vaccine, the protective effect may take some time to manifest. Some cases even require several injections, so more than one appointment.

Travel vaccines
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Vaccination costs

Although routine injections are covered by your health insurance or the recommended vaccines required for travel are generally not covered. Take into account these costs in your budget. With all examinations, consultations, and injections, the final amount could range somewhere between 150 and $ 1,000, according to the injection in question. No need to drop your chance to see the world for a few dollars but be sure to plan accordingly.

After all of your efforts, do not forget to bring with your vaccination history. You will need an international vaccination certificate stamped and signed.

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