Top 3 Methods For Marketing Your Vaping Business


It’s no secret that the e-cigarette has exploded within the last few years. There are no signs of it slowing down and it’s already taken a major bite out of the tobacco market. Subsequently, the number of e-cigarette and vaping small businesses have also exploded.

This is great news for your vape business, because it means you have huge market potential. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges along the way, but if you have experienced some of those challenges already that doesn’t mean you should give up hope.

All you really need to do to drive new customers to your business to buy your vaping products is to use proper marketing techniques to expand your brand recognition.

Here are the top three methods for marketing your vaping business:

  1. Build Customer Loyalty

Easily the most important marketing technique you can use is to build customer loyalty. This is not only less expensive than advertising, it’s more effective as well. What’s more, is that your business won’t even succeed without building loyalty among customers. If every successful business and company shares one thing in common in the world, it’s that they all have repeat customers who are loyal to them.

The best way to build customer loyalty is simply to create an incentive for previous customers to come back. You can accomplish this through offering great products, having friendly and helpful customer service, and offering loyalty points and rewards (which are very powerful in the vaping industry).

  1. Be Unique

The fact that the vaping industry is so massive means you have a very large base of potential customers, but it also means you have a lot of competition. This is why being unique to stand out is so imperative.

Avoid generic marketing messages and stand out by establishing something unique about yourself, whether it be a specific product you sell, your low prices, an innovative marketing technique you use, or a specific demographic you cater to. You should also offer a wide variety of vaping products, from budget models to higher end ones for professionals, so you can reach a wider audience.

  1. Harness The Power Of Mobile Marketing

The overwhelming majority of vaping users are millennials, and literally over ninety five percent of millennials own a smart phone or some kind of a mobile device. Therefore, mobile marketing should be a major focus of your overall advertising strategy. In fact, mobile marketing is arguably the most powerful marketing tool there is in the vaping and e-cigarette business.

Use an inexpensive and effective automation platform that will send push notifications and text messages to your existing client base. You should also set up a blog or a website where you can collect the email addresses of subscribers, and you can send coupons, discounts, and personalized messages to those users as well.

Marketing Your Vaping Business

As you can hopefully tell, marketing your vaping business does not have to be as difficult as you may have anticipated it to be. You have massive marketing potential, so don’t let anything hold you back.

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