Tips to master the finger picking on acoustic guitar


No instrument has so exalted the public imagination as the electric guitar. From its humble origins in the early 30s, the electric guitar has become a must for musicians in most musical styles of the 60s to date; it is still a very popular instrument.

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  1. An electric guitar

You cannot make the electric guitar without buying one! If you are just beginning a beginner guitar for under $ 350 is probably safer. It will be a good value for you.

  1. An amplifier

In an acoustic guitar, the sound is amplified by the soundboard of the guitar body. Since an electric guitar has a solid body, you’ll need an external device to amplify sound.

Hence the amplifier, another essential accessory to have for guitar players. You can start with a small amp, lower to 15 watts and change over time as your skills improve.

It is best to find an amp with an integrated headset jack for power train without waking the neighbors!

As they tend to be cheaper than tube models, most amplifiers use transistors for beginners.

A typical amp has two channels – clear and distorted. The first is only used for amplification, while the latter distorts the incoming signal and prepares it for use with a variety of effects pedals (see below).

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  1. Audio cable

Once you have an amp and a guitar, you’ll need a cable to connect the two. This is where a guitar audio cable is very convenient. Made from a thick copper wire and covered with a protective coating, an audio cable is an absolute must in the perfect guitarist equipment.

These can vary widely in quality and price. For most beginners, cheap variants will be fine. Make sure you get a cable that is long enough to facilitate the movement and exceptional karate kick David Lee Roth!

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  1. The effects pedals

An effects pedal is an acoustic device that receives the signal from a guitar and the changes before relaying it to the amp. According to the pedal, this can lead to distortion, fuzz, echo, flanger … from the guitar signal.

Effects pedals are essential in certain styles of music (especially rock, metal, and pop) and can give your workouts a lot more punch and sound.

However, pedals can be expensive and require real expertise in the effects they produce. While professional musicians can connect different pedals to produce different effects, beginners may find this rather confusing exercise.

For simplicity, when you are a beginner, you can pretty much play without pedals. But if you’re willing to try, you can buy a multi-effects pedal for beginners. There will be a number of integrated presets to play different sounds and will provide hours of fun.

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  1. Picks

A pick is a thin triangular piece used to pluck the strings of a guitar. While you can get away with using your fingers to play on an acoustic guitar, a guitar pick is a must to play on the electric guitar, especially if you are a beginner.

The thin picks are easier to scratch while those thick facilitate play with different strings. To save money, the right option is to find picks with an average thickness.

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  1. The guitar strap

Although not required, the guitar strap allows you to play on a guitar stand – a must if you want to play one day before the public or with a group.

Caution, do not splurge on an expensive, all as a strap of leather until you are sure that you will continue with the instrument for several years. Choose a cheap strap vinyl or faux leather instead.

Equipment you’re an electric guitar, an amp, an audio cable and some picks. That’s all you really need to start. Making progress, you’ll probably want to invest in a digital tuner, which will save you time to tune the guitar, and a better quality case to protect your equipment.

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