Tips On Feeding The Fans At Summer Festivals

Festival season is just around the corner, from Field Trip, to NXNE, to the Digital Dreams Festival. Organizers are working around the clock to make sure concert goers get the best bang for their buck and are given an experience they’ll remember. While the fans are there to take in the live performances of some of their favourite artists and musicians, it’s up to the people running the show to ensure ticketholders can stay hydrated and fed – especially when outdoors in the summer heat.

With masses of people attending an event, often without any in-or-out privileges, or allowances to bring their own food, festival organizers must be prepared. It pays to hire professional caterers that can anticipate the needs of such a crowd. The food on the grounds should be prepped in advance offering quick turn around to those in a line, as people will use the opportunity to grab a snack between acts. There should also be a variety of foods to accommodate multiple diets and dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options.

Many outdoor events will choose to order food trucks, they are economical and convenient with minimal set up and tear down required. Many catering companies that offer food truck services bring quality and unique options from bratwurst, to lemongrass chicken, to burritos giving concert goers a variety to choose from which only enhances their experience of an event. Food trucks belonging to a professional catering company also use a more trusted and rigorous protocol – The Food Dudes for example state that although their food trucks radiate a laid-back, casual vibe, the food is held to the same standards as when it’s served at a sit-down wedding reception. Check out to see how healthy comfort food and sustainable options can also attract audiences that might otherwise forgo an all-day festival experience if they knew their dietary needs or preferences could not be met.

Some popular menu options the company provides include a bone marrow gravy poutine, fish tacos, vegetarian croquettes and mac n’ cheese balls, even a vegan stir fry. While there are of course different types of burgers also available, those attending may choose from a lighter, more adventurous fare if they like. It’s important to remember that a customer’s enjoyment of their lunch or dinner will also likely influence positive feelings towards their overall festival experience – it plays a role in whether they choose to return next year.

When booking the catering for any of the smaller or larger music events happening in Toronto this season, choose companies that provide you and your attendees with flexibility, quality, and quick service. When someone misses the band they came to see because they were stuck in line for a hot-dog – it can cloud the rest of their day. What’s worse is if they get sick from the food because cleanliness or cross-contamination wasn’t monitored strictly enough! Therefore, choose a caterer that is efficient and holds their food to the highest of standards, providing your festival goers with eclectic options that will have them positively reflecting on the time they spent and the music they soaked in.

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