A few years ago, if a person had said it to you that he has recovered the deleted files from his mobile phone, you would have probably replied in this way “Nice joke mate”. But if someone says this to you today than most probably it is not a joke. He is serious. Today, data recovery is possible and is not a crazy thing to do.

The word “possible” here means that you have the chance of recovering your deleted files but there is no guarantee that you will be able to recover your lost file. Now, you may recover your lost files from your iPhone, Hard drive, memory card or even from your flash drive.

The chances, however, depending upon when the file was deleted. If it is not too long since you deleted your file. If this is the case, then you have a better chance of recovering your files. This is because the files that you delete from your storage device are not actually deleted but hidden and overwritten by something else with the passage of time.

This is the advantage you have and can use it for your benefit. You can recover your files using a free software recovery software easily. You may get your lost data back using recycle bin recovery. You may have to follow the following tips in order to increase the chances of recovering your lost data either by recycle bin recovery or by free data recovery software.

The tips are as follows:

You should control your habit of emptying recycle bin. Try not to store too many files on the hard drive where your lost data was stored. This is to prevent overwriting of data as it was told earlier that the deleted file was hidden not deleted and can be overwritten. Another thing that you might want to avoid is installing heavy software, downloading or streaming of HD videos etc. This may not overwrite the deleted files but by doing so you will increase the chances rather than decreasing it.


When you are about to recover your data using a free data recovery software, it is a good idea to make sure that recycle bin recovery is not possible. The idea here is that you should look for the deleted file in the recycle bin. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are about to recover your files that were directly deleted from your flash drives will never be stored in your recycle bin. Same thing will happen in case of your smartphone as the large files are directly deleted bypassing the recycle bin.


After making sure that recycle bin recovery is not possible, you may now download a free data recovery software. You can use a free data recovery software to search for the files that are already deleted from your recycle bin. For anonymous reasons, it is advised to download the free data recovery software directly to a storage device other than the drive where you are looking for the missing files.

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