Tips for successful Black Friday shopping


Whether you’re looking appliances like a dishwasher or oven , a food processor with cutting edge technology or a pressure cooker to help you start eating more healthily, or you were hoping to get their hands on a new sofa or a television to beautify your living room, the crazy Friday is the day to do it! Here are some tips to establish a game plan for shopping Black Friday sales to help you get the things you really want!

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  1. Shop early online

Black Friday shopping is not suitable for fragile hearts. Many people give up black Friday shopping in the traditional sense by shopping rather online.

  • This is a great strategy if you want to avoid crowds, especially if you want to buy hardware like a new computer, a TV or a digital camera .
  • Shop early. Quietly connect to your computer at 8 am on Black Friday will probably be too late if you try to get a special offer on one of the most popular toys of the year or on electronic items .
  • Shopping just after midnight is really your best chance to postpone the other Black Friday shoppers.
  • If you have specific goals fitness in mind, online shopping can be a great place to get great deals on the gym equipment at home, including rowing machines and elliptical machines , always popular .
  • If you know your size and love to be outdoors, online deals abound on everything from ski pants to skates , and snowshoes for snowboard bindings .Be persistent, keep looking and you never know what finds you will discover!

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  1. Prioritize and research

If you enjoy the thrilling excitement of Black Friday shopping, you need to prioritize the items that you hope to get for sale.

  • Stores that sell one or two items at the top of your priority list, such as headphones or speakers , will be the first step of your adventure shopping Black Friday.
  • Many retailers post their advertisements relating to online Friday sales online before you receive the printed flyers in your newspaper.
  • A few days before Black Friday, look for these online ads so that you can begin to prioritize your shopping list.
  • If online advertising does not show business hours, call the store in advance to find out exactly when the store opens to Black Friday.

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  1. Use Social Media

When looking for black Friday deals, do not forget to check out your favorite brands and retailers on social media.

  • You can find special discounts or promotions available only to fans or subscribers.
  • And while there you are, make sure to love, tweet or share your discoveries with your friends.

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  1. Familiarize yourself with the policies before shopping

Spend time familiarizing yourself with the return policies of your favorite stores, as well as their price matching policies to avoid the unpleasant surprises of a purchase on Black Friday.

  • Major retailers often offer a price match on online and in-store transactions, but always check first to avoid disappointment. Some stores might exclude Friday mad deals from their annual policy, so check out the fine print.
  • Check the store’s return policy to find out if you will have to pay replenishment fees or other penalties for returned items purchased during Black Friday promotions.

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  1. Shopping by car

If you hope to clinch a deal on a popular item, such as children’s toys , be prepared for crowds of other shoppers who have the same goal in mind.

  • In this case, start walking to the store several hours before opening, to see how many other buyers might try to get the same item.
  • For example, if the store opens at 4 pm on Black Friday, make your first pass no later than 10 pm the previous evening.
  • If a queue goes around the building, you have to decide if it’s worth staying out all night waiting for the store to open.
  • If only a few people stand in line, iron an hour or two later. If there are more than a few worried buyers queuing outside, it might be time to park and join them.
  1. Forget accessories

Did you manage to get a great offer on your dream TV? Do not be tempted by extra accessories like cables and extended warranties.

  • Retailers have high margins on items like TV cables, wall mounts, and TV furniture. It is better to buy these “essential items” from specialized online retailers that can significantly reduce the price compared to department stores.
  • Extended warranties are another big source of revenue for retailers, as consumers rarely make claims. If you think the odds are in your favor (and there are many published studies that prove it) take a calculated risk and forget the extra warranty.

With an appropriate match plan, you can enjoy great Black Friday sales. If you are like many other buyers, the thrill of the hunt gives almost as much fun as getting a good deal.

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