Tips for getting the right education for your child overseas

When you are making plans to move overseas as a family, then getting the right education for your child will be at the forefront in your mind. The problem is that this can seem a tricky process at times. With each different country around the world having unfamiliar educational systems and procedures, it can leave you wondering how to get the best education for them.

If you need some extra advice, then read on.

Getting the correct education for your child when overseas 

If you are struggling with all the different schools, curriculums and cultures involved with overseas education, don’t despair! Although it can seem a little confusing, the basics around what to look for are pretty simple. Here are some great tips on getting the best education for your child:

  • Check out what qualifications are offered – One of the key pieces of research to do is finding out what qualifications they could receive upon graduation. Ideally, it is best to opt for a school that teaches an internationally recognized one like the International Baccalaureate, as this opens up many more options for the future.
  • What is the pastoral care like? – Almost as key as the academic side is how your child will be looked after personally and kept safe. The best schools abroad will pay close attention to this, as some expat children can need extra help to feel at home. The best tip is to find a school that has great pastoral care and exam results.
  • Are there other expat children there? – Although it is naturally important for your child to integrate into local culture and mix with local children, this may be a bit much when they first arrive in their new location. A great tip is to look for a school that has some expat children of their own nationality too, as this will help them enjoy school more.
  • Check out after-school activities – A big part of getting the right kind of education abroad for your child is the after-school teams or clubs on offer. Are there sports teams for them to join or after-school societies in subjects that interest them? This will help your children get more involved in school and their new lives abroad. 

International schools give the best of all worlds 

If you are looking for a type of school that provides all the above, then international schools are the best choice. They offer a safe, secure and inclusive environment for your child to learn in along with great exam results. Stamford American School Hong Kong is one of the most well-known international schools across Asia and the whole world. It is a great example of what international schools offer and why so many parents choose them.

Choosing the right education is not hard 

In essence, choosing the right education for your child abroad is the same as choosing in your own country. You will want a school that nurtures them, keeps them safe and helps them leave with the qualifications needed to succeed in life. Keep all these things in mind when you’re looking and you won’t go astray.

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