Three Tips to Make Your Business’ Site More Attractive and Interactive

Let’s cut to the chase: so many websites are painfully boring.

Whether it’s boring design or dry copy, a dull website can be a kiss of death for businesses looking to score more clients and customers. Maybe it’s because we rely on too many generic templates. Perhaps business owners aren’t focusing enough on the details of design.

But why does design matter so much, though? Consider the following three points from the point of view of someone interacting with your site for the first time:

  • Your website is a reflection of your business: a poorly-designed site isn’t exactly the best first impression, is it?
  • People will inevitably compare you to your competition if they’re shopping around: if they don’t like what they see at a glance, they’ll bounce
  • On a similar note, including more interactive elements on-site encourages people to stay on the page and engage with your content

But how do you make your site feel more interactive, anyway? Below we’ve outlined five quick fixes to any given site that can do the trick.

Incorporate More Media

Don’t get it twisted: you shouldn’t needlessly bog your site down with images and videos that could potentially cause your site to load slowly or overwhelm visitors. The key is creating a sort of visual journey. Whether it’s teaching your audience through whiteboard videos or highlighting positive feedback through customer photos, you should always give your visitors something to look at.

People infinitely prefer visual media to walls of text. Imagery creates an experience, and while written content is important for SEO and context, it’s not the be-all, end-all of your site.

Give Visitors More Places to Click

If your entire site seems uniform, your visitors are going to have a hard time getting from Point A to Point B. Similarly, if you don’t provide your traffic with a reason to click around and actually engage with your content, they’re more likely to hit the “Back” button.

How can you encourage those clicks, though? For starters, consider implementing…

  • Louder links and calls to action: make sure that your visitors can’t miss your CTAs whether through a brighter color scheme or bold fonts
  • Lead magnets: by driving downloads through a smart lead magnet offer, you signal that your traffic is truly interested in what you have to say or sell
  • Forms and places for visitors to leave their information: this signals that you want your visitors’ feedback which is always a plus

Invest in Live Chat

Sometimes it’s important to let your visitors know that you’re listening.

Implementing a live chat platform on-site is a great way to create a one-on-one connection between you and your visitors. People today expect to have their questions answered sooner rather than later, meaning that sites with interactive elements such as live chat have an upper hand on businesses resorting solely to email. There’s also something compelling and comforting about being available to visitors around the clock, if nothing else.

As an added bonus, you can also include links and homepage feeds for your social media links as well. While these aren’t necessarily “live,” they create an additional avenue for your traffic to eventually engage with your business off-site.

You don’t need to start your site over from scratch to make it more interactive. Instead, stick to these three principles to give your site a much-needed boost if you’re struggling for engagement.

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