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The Internet is not just for seeing kittens and sniffing at the lives of others. Learning new things using the unlimited source of information that the web provides us is much simpler than many believe. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get new skills, then do not miss everything the Internet has to teach you. Thanks to educational platforms of all kinds offering courses, as well as people willing to share their knowledge with others, there is almost nothing that you cannot learn to do using your computer and a connection.

Programlearn Internet

One of the things that people most want to learn on the Internet is to program, it is a modern skill quite wanted and with a lot of work. There are several ways to do it, from fairly traditional courses to playing video games. In places like Codec academy you can take free courses and in Spanish. At Audacity you have open courses taught by prestigious educational institutions around the world. But, the options are so many that it will probably cost you more to choose a place, we help you a little.

Design and illustratelearn Internet

If you are interested in graphic design or illustration, you can take advantage of any of these 20 free courses and perfect for beginners. You can also go to platforms to many Academy which they have tens of thousands of different courses and do a search of what interests you.

If you are interested in web design, you can go to the good YouTube and you will get hundreds of channels dedicated to teaching you everything about the subject.

Speak another languageInternet

Learning a new language is something we should all do once in our lives, and thanks to the Internet and technology now there are all sorts of fun ways to do it. You may have heard of applications like Dueling and how they turn the process into a game. Options are not missing; you can try any of these 10 sites to learn languages for free.

Take better photos Internet

We all like to believe that we take great photos with the Smartphone and when we pass an Instagram filter they look the best. The reality is that photography requires a lot of technique and talent. If you want to learn to take really good photos, like a professional, the Internet helps you. Only here you have 19 courses in English and Spanish to learn photography.

Start your own business Internet

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, there are many things to keep in mind, from being a success mindset, to developing ideas, using tools, creating business models and plans, and designing good products. The Internet is the ocean of entrepreneurs and startups; you can start with any of these eight courses.

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It does not matter if you do not even know how to fry an egg because you forget to put salt in it, the Internet gives you every possible opportunity to feed yourself – not necessarily without dying in the attempt. A great site where you can get all kinds of recipes with detailed instructions and photos is All the Recipes which also has a great school of cooking online.

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