Things to Remember When You Ship a Heavy Parcel

When you ship a heavy parcel, you want to ensure that it arrives safely and on time but you also want to make sure that you are not spending a fortune. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Things to Remember

Be as accurate as you possibly can when it comes to dimensions and weight. A failure to weigh and measure correctly could cause you to incur unexpected charges that may mean that you haven’t charged the client the full amount and are left out of pocket. Remember that you’re a business, not a charity.

You also run the risk of having the parcel returned to you, which could result in an unhappy client wondering where their package is.

Choosing the right compensation cover is essential. If you try to get your parcel through on a cheaper method by picking less compensation than your item is really worth, you run the risk of being left out of pocket if something happens to that item. For example, you might only be refunded £20 on an item worth £100.

It’s important to pack your item as securely as possible. For many delivery companies, time is money and they are paid per parcel delivered. Your item may not be handled with the care you would hope for, so plenty of bubble wrap and parcel tape is essential to avoid any breakages or damage. If your item is extremely heavy, you also need to consider using a stronger box, such as one with a double wall rather than a single wall. For more information, check out

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Make sure that there is online tracking for your parcel so you can see how far it has gone and the client will know when to expect it. Delivery companies can make mistakes and send your parcel to the wrong place, so tracking is essential for discerning its whereabouts. You might consider Couriers in Bracknell like

Check for prohibited items and service level

Not every company will carry every single item you may ship, so check that yours isn’t on the list of prohibited items. Most companies will collect from you and drop off at a client’s address, but others may want you to drop parcels with them, so know what you’re agreeing to.

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