Things To Consider Before Upgrading To Bigger ATV Tires

Most people have heard the saying that, “bigger is better”. While this saying can be true when it comes to a lot of things, it doesn’t always ring true when it comes to ATV tires. Some situations in particular might be beneficial with a higher clearance. However, there are many things that need to be considered before upgrading to larger UTV mud tires such as the ones found at Below are some of the top things to consider before making the change.

Other Configurations

When you want to install bigger tires on your ATV, you are going to have a higher gear ratio. Bigger tires on your quad will have a rotating mass that is larger due to the increase in the weight of it. All of these issues can have bad effects such as a loss in the low end torque. Your engine can get strained because of this. The added stress can wear many components out on your ATV and could lead them to failing.

Low End Acceleration

Like stated earlier, the larger rotating mass caused by bigger tires will make it more difficult to get the tires to move at first. If you like being able to get a quick start on your ATV, larger tires are not the way to go. To accomplish that, you should consider getting smaller tires than the stock ones because they are easier to turn and will reduce your gearing for faster acceleration responses. If you are dead set on getting bigger tires, you are going to need to reduce your ATV’s gearing size and install a clutch kit to get you more acceleration.

Could Void Warranty

Unless you have a lot of extra money to throw at repairs for your ATV, you should reconsider whether or not you are able to install bigger tires with regards to your warranty. Many warranties will be voided when you make certain modifications to the ATV. All manufacturers and dealers are different and it is essential to check with the issuer of your warranty before making any modifications. If you don’t care or your warranty is already up, the decision to make modifications is entirely up to you.

Owning and riding an ATV can be a lot of fun. It makes a great hobby to enjoy with friends and family. Customizing your ATV to make it unique and fit your style is the best part. There are tons of customized parts you can buy both online and in stores to make your vehicle exactly how you want it. Always entrust the work to someone who knows what they are doing so that your ATV stays in safe working condition.

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