The wonderful world of ski passes


Nothing makes booking a ski trip as all-inclusive packages.

  • Not only do these packages do they simplify the organization of ski vacation, but they also reduce the stress and cost of the booking.

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For smaller budgets

Through mass sales and preferred supplier relationships, many ski resorts, travel agents and online booking portals offer amazing packages at reasonable prices.

  • Typically these basic packages include accommodation in a three or four-star hotel, lift tickets for the duration of the trip, and sometimes some credits of equipment rental, transportation or food, or other discounts.
  • Some also have special offers for beginners. Several ski packages include at least one hour of ski lessons.
  • Usually, these offers are very popular ski resorts of low to medium range.
  • These packages do not include extras like spa treatments, gourmet tours or excursions.

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Do not miss out

If you prefer to link the activities organized during your trip, be aware that many ski and travel agencies specializing stations offer themed packages.

  • For example, gourmets skiers can buy a package in an Italian ski resort including not only accommodation and ski tickets (or even equipment rental), but also a gastronomic and cooking classes visit between downhill .
  • Those looking for variety without regard to holiday themed can choose one of the many packages that include various activities and visits, depending on destination. For example, a day could be devoted to an easy to wildlife watching excursion in the hinterland, and the next day a tour to discover the history of the city and shops.

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To organize at best, check a website specializing in this type of travel.

  • Many small agencies specializing in adventure packages offer unique and might even offer you to compose your own package to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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Luxury Ski

Those who are concerned about their budget but still want to enjoy the convenience of a package will be delighted to learn that many ski resorts also offer more luxurious ski passes.

  • After a long day on the slopes, there is nothing like a deep massage and a relaxing sauna.
  • Some research will be sufficient to identify certain luxury malls in the destination you have chosen. A brief overview of their website or a short call to the concierge enough about the services offered there.

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To begin:

  1. Secure the skis in a vise or a ski stand.
  2. Use a black felt marker to mark the edge of the ski.
  3. Put the lime in the lime guide and make sure that the tail of the file is pointing backward.
  4. The guide file in place, use the file for sharpening from tip to tail in even pressure along the edge. File down to the felt marker.
  5. After each pass with the file, use the brush to remove chips.
  6. Remove any sharp burrs by placing the diamond stone on the lime guide. Spend the diamond stone from tip to tip until all burrs are eliminated.
  7. Repeat the process until the edge can shave a thin layer of your thumbnail.
  8. Adjust the tip and tail of the ski through the gummy stone along a short portion of the edges of the tip and tail.

Proper maintenance and these tips to sharpen your skis like a pro, can make all the difference in your performance. There is no better time than now to prepare your skis for your next track downhill!

Looking to pamper yourself this winter? Treat yourself to an unforgettable ski vacation by opting for a bundled package that meets your needs while saving you the burden of planning.

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