The Thriving City of Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is its largest city next to its fierce rival Swansea. It is located in the South of the country and features some of the most iconic buildings such as the historic Docks, Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Arms Park Stadium and its replacement the Millennium Stadium and Millennium centre plus it is the home of the Senedd which houses the National Assembly of Wales. There are also many businesses based in and around Cardiff including who can also be found by searching Web design Cardiff.

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Cardiff started out life as a Roman Fort, hence the name Caer meaning Castle. As it developed the people of the country naturally gravitated to it as its importance grew within the Roman occupation as a centre for trade and a gateway to the rich towns of Corinium, Glevuim and Londonium. It also a offered protection from the marauding Saxon pirates that threatened the peace at the time. By 380 ad the Romans were gone but the fort they left behind was soon to be the basis of the Vikings that came some years after. The Vikings used the forts remains as a base to attack and capture goods and food along the coast. As is the way with Vikings they liked it so much they decided to settle. Centuries passed as the Vikings integrated themselves into the Country and it was not until the arrival of the Normans that anything changes. Again, the towns fortifications were used by William the Conqueror as a base to subdued the Welsh. This was not a popular move by the locals and there were several attempts to retake it. The most popular, but ultimately doomed was by Owain Glyndwr.

The City saw some turbulent times but with it’s gifting of a Royal charter by James the first it was able to cement its position of the principalities capital. The creation of the Docks in 1793 was where the wealth of the City really began to take off. The influx of money and trade was what saw a great rise in the cities importance. This also saw a rise in the city’s cultural side as the first of its theatre was bilt and developed to provide some entertainment to the growing populace.

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The Docks also acted as a way of exporting the principalities considerable coal exports a that were helping to fuel the industrial revolution. In the modern era Cardiff continues to be the heart of the country and the building of the national assembly has meant that finally the country has a political focus and voice too.

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