The rules of platonic love

platonic love

To live a loving relationship rid of all carnal desires is the promise of platonic love. What are the golden rules?

From divine love to platonic love platonic love

The expression “platonic love” appeared as early as the 15th century by the Florentine scholar Marsala Fiction. He evokes the banquet of Plato, during which Socrates describes the rise of an inferior desire, the love of a beautiful body, towards a contemplative love in which we admire beauty itself, under the prism of a Divine love. Thus, true love would bind two souls to each other: “The passion of the lover cannot be satisfied by the simple touch of the body, for it is not such or such a body it desires, but splendor of the divine light which emanates from the body, which amazes and subjugates it, “he writes.

Love Courteous Woman Letterplatonic love

From the divine to the non-physical

When arriving in Europe, this Platonism meets the tradition of the courteous love between a man and a woman. This type of relationship beyond the friendship, it is a romantic but not carnal link. It is the soul of a woman that the Platonic lover venerates, not his body. In 1634, the English writer James Howell observed this practice at the court of England and testified to these loves qualified as Platonic: “It is a love rid of all physical feeling and sensual appetite that flourishes in Contemplation and the world of ideas.

Gradually, the expression divests itself of the divine aspect to signify only “non-physical”, not carnal. Today we speak of platonic love by evoking a relationship devoid of sex or even interest in the thing. It is used even with a certain disdain, whereas in the past, living a platonic love meant sharing with one another the ideal union, the perfect affinity of two souls, well beyond a carnal envelope.

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How do we know that we live a platonic love?

Today, platonic love defines a relationship in which two people who have an immense affection for each other, who feel a strong complicity and who do not have sex, are happy. One can find in an intense friendship a little platonic love in an extramarital relationship that would not consume or in a distance relationship.

But one can also live a true love story, share his daily life with another without having sex. This is called platonic love. Sometimes platonic love is the result of long years of common life and a willingness to pursue together a love story in which the sexual desire is no more. Love is then self-sufficient and does not feel the need for any physical or sensual manifestation. For all that, we must not forget the true meaning of platonic love: the ideal union between two souls, a love that belongs to the divine and to perfection.

However, Relationship is very well to us when we are passing time bored Alon. But that is the need for all of our causes people cannot live without any panther in future. Nowadays love is a symbol of relationship so, I think platonic to live a loving relationship.

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