The pros and cons of melamine kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets

When you buy cabinets, quality, cost and style are important. Make your things by learning about the advantages and disadvantages of melamine kitchen cabinets.

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What the melamine?

The melamine begins with a core of pressed wood particles. It is then covered with a resin finishing and paper that can be manufactured in various styles and colors.

  • It is often used for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and other rooms of the house.

What are the benefits?

kitchen cabinets
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  1. Sustainability
    the cabinets in melamine are resistant to most common problems associated with kitchens, which speak of excessive moisture, heat or stains.
  • If the melamine can resist these external elements, thanks to its sturdy outer coating. This coating is also easy to clean.

    kitchen cabinets
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  1. A wide variety
    the melamine is a synthetic material, it can be manufactured with a virtually unlimited number of finishes. You can choose from fake wood grain in shades or solid colors, diverse and varied.
  • With this level of choice, you can find the ideal laminate for the style of your kitchen.

    kitchen cabinets
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  1. A uniform finish
  • Unlike solid wood whose grain pattern and color can vary, even within the same order, the laminate provides a uniform finish, because it is manufactured in a controlled environment.
  1. Low cost
    Compared with solid wood cabinets, cabinets in melamine offer much lower prices.
  • With these savings, the cost of new installations or renovations will be much easier to swallow.

What are the disadvantages?

kitchen cabinets
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  1. Racks can be heavy
    although the weight of your cabinets probably is not your first concern, perhaps you will need to purchase resistant materials.
  • Without proper hangers, cabinets may fall off the wall and cause damage and lead to costly repairs.
  1. The melamine can have bursts
    although the exterior coating resin to be sustainable, it may have splinters.
  • Splinters leave the inner core of exposed wood particles, which can be quite unpleasant.
  • Also, if your cabinets have splinters, a refinishing can be expensive.
  1. The melamine can be more difficult to install
    By the nature of their construction, cabinets in melamine can cause problems with nails and screws.
  • In the case of misuse, nails and screws may crack the melamine.
  • For this reason, it can be very helpful to use an installation professional team.
  1. The melamine is susceptible to water damage
    if the core of the cabinets wood particles is waterlogged, the structural integrity of the cabinets can be compromised.
  • Water can seep into the more easily than solid wood material, so you should be careful when installing cabinets next to your sink.

If you are about to go into a furniture store or hardware to buy new cabinets, consider the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen cabinets in melamine. As with all materials, they have positive and negative points, but remember to keep your budget, product quality and preferences in mind.

  • If you choose any other color than white, it may be difficult to match the color on the day they need to be replaced. Sometimes it is also difficult to match exactly their color because it may have yellowed with time.

One thing is certain: there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the type of cabinet ideal to install in your new kitchen. Everything will depend on factors (cost, aesthetics, service level, etc.) that matter most to you.

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