The Opiate Crisis is Hurting Us All: Here’s How You Can Get Help

The Opiate Crisis is Hurting Us All: Here’s How You Can Get Help

Opiate addiction has reached an all-time high in many areas, leaving individuals and families to pick up the broken pieces of their lives when addiction finally becomes too much to handle. For many people, knowing where to turn is difficult, especially if they’ve never faced addiction before. While it can be hard to get the help you need, you can find an opiate detox center out there willing to give you the treatment that can help you turn your life around.

The most important thing is to take the first step toward understanding addiction and how you can begin to change your life once and for all. You don’t have to remain an addict if you’re willing to make changes to get healthy again.

How Does Addiction Begin?

Addiction is different for every person, and there’s no one-size-fits-all reason that addiction takes hold of a person. In many cases, it all starts with a prescription from a doctor after dealing with an injury. For a lot of people who take prescription painkillers after surgery or an injury, it’s hard to avoid forming a habit to incredibly powerful opiates once they get home.

Other people turn to opiates as recreational drugs since they are so common on today’s black market. With more and more people wanting them because of the rising opioid crisis, some drug users look to them simply to get high. Some even view them as safer than other drugs since they are manufactured for medical purposes, not as street drugs.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a safe drug. While prescription opiates may be made in a laboratory, they are easy to get hooked on, and once you’re hooked, overdose is more than possible.

How Do I Know I’m Addicted?

Despite what you might see on TV and in the news media, understanding addiction is not always easy, even for somebody dealing with their own issues. The fact is that you can take drugs for a set period of time and not know that you’re developing a physical and mental addiction while you do it.

Common signs of drug addiction include feeling like you need to take the drug every day or more than once a day, feeling like you can’t go without drugs for more than one day and feeling withdrawal symptoms like itching and stomach ache or depression. Mental signs of drug withdrawal often include feeling irritable, depressed, or in some cases, even suicidal.

The good news is that there is a way to stop using drugs and you don’t have to just quit cold turkey at home. In fact, for some addicts who are heavy users, quitting cold turkey can be quite dangerous.

How Do I Get Help?

It can feel like there’s just nowhere to turn when you’re a drug addict seeking help. If you’re hiding your illness from friends and family, the first thing that you can do is ask them for their support. Having a network of people around you that you love supporting you is an excellent start on the road to recovery.

From there, you need to consider getting into an Opiate Detox Center In California where you can get treatment for your disease. Opiate detox canters understand addiction and know what you need to turn the corner and get back to living a healthy life. Reach out today to learn more about how you can get treatment and stop using for good.

What is Treatment Like?

There are a lot of different treatment options for individuals dealing with addiction. For most, inpatient care where you get around the clock treatment for a set amount of time – often 30 days – is ideal. This allows you to focus on getting healthy in a safe environment away from the stresses of daily life.

Outpatient care may be an option for those with less severe addiction issues. In outpatient care, you go to intensive meetings or even spend most of your day in a facility before returning home at night. This allows ample time to work and continue your life while also getting treatment you need.

When it comes to addiction, the most important thing is getting help – not the type of help that you get. Doing nothing can put you on a slow road to serious health consequences. Seek help for your opiate addiction today so you can have a brighter tomorrow.

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