The Main Warning Signs to Consider for Windows Replacement

Windows replacement project have become one of the most popular home renovation enterprises homeowners think of. If you have never heard about it, then you need to learn some basic information about the most warning signs that are red flags for windows replacement. In this article we collected the most important of them to help you find out whether the time for windows replacement has come to your home too.


First of all, you need to understand that even the best        windows may allow some minor drafts, which scientifically are called air infiltration. But this air infiltration is not something that you can feel or even notice. So if you have goose bumps from your windows drafts then this is definitely not air infiltration and requires your attention. If you feel some severe drafts that you can literally feel, especially during the cold season then the time to replace windows in your Calgary home has definitely come.

Drafts are caused by air leaks that in their turn are caused by cracks and splits in the windows frames. Basically, drafts are indicators of even bigger problems with your windows, so if you feel any wind blowing from your windows, think about their replacement.

It Got Hard to Open and Shut Your Windows

Another common sign of the necessity of windows replacement according to Edmonton professionals is problems with windows operation. If it got hard and uncomfortable (and even impossible) to close or open your windows to the full, then the time to replace them has come.

The problem with operation is extremely sharp for old double and single hung wooden windows, which have major issues with balance. Once the balance of a window fails, the window will be slamming all the time when opened. In case you observe such problems with your windows, you need to start thinking about the replacement project. Once you install new vinyl windows you can forget about any possible issue with their operational characteristics, because these windows are almost eternal!

Condensation inside the Glass

If your old windows are at least double-pane then the issue of condensation may be familiar to you. Most double- and triple-paned windows of old version have the defect of condensation appearing between the panes. It happens even with modern low-quality windows when the sealing is broken. So if you see some condensation between the layers of your glass in old windows, then it is time to consider windows replacement project.

It is of utmost importance to perform replacement, according to windows company in Edmonton, because broken seal may lead to severe problems of moisture and even mold that will not only lead to drafts but also to health issues connected to this problem.

The final point of this article is as follows: if you see any of these signs at your windows then it is just the right time to call your local windows company and consult about the further plan of actions to avoid deeper issues in the future.

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