The Importance of Art and ICT in Schools

Computers have become such a part of our modern culture, as well as the internet. So, as the way we communicate changes and develops, our education system needs to adapt along with it. As our world becomes increasingly visual, combining elements of digital knowledge with art and design is more important than ever. Therefore, schools and parents have a responsibility to teach the next generation how to integrate ICT into their learning. The majority of young people love using computers so teaching them the basic skills to use and manage computers and the wide range of applications available to them for many different purposes should be easy to integrate into the curriculum.

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The exciting part is that using ICT and Art together is a relatively new experience for teachers and pupils, once only available to design and film industry professionals. A whole new world of creative thinking is being opened up with the use of digital cameras, scanners, printers and computers. For the first time, art and ICT are merging to create a new medium that continues to develop and grow visual understanding.

The provision in schools for this type of education is still patchy. Some schools have pupils using digital video and creating animations, whereas other schools have little or no access to this digital media technology at all. ICT has been a part of the curriculum for many years now, but it’s time for pupils to have access to developing ICT capability in Art. Web design is a particularly important field and more should taught in schools to prepare the next generation for the digital world. For help and advice on your website, contact a professional Drupal Design Agency, like

Pupils studying art and design should have access to ICT for:

  • Researching and gathering sources of information on designers and artists from around the world and different cultures
  • Gathering information on topics
  • Finding out about the use of new media in the world of art and design collecting primary sources of information on the use of new media in art and design
  • A chance to practice contemporary art using new media such as interactive websites, animation and film.
  • Be able to develop ideas for projects
  • Creating and displaying a finished project such as on a website
  • Contribute to school art galleries online and view other student work from around the country or world
  • Studying the impact of new media on society including specific examples
  • Developing an understanding of how electronic media is used and applied in the workplace

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The provision of schools for the use of ICT in Art will need to continually adapt and evolve as the speed of technological advances shows no sign of slowing down. How will the role of art in ICT develop in the future? Our web designers of the future need to learn now skills such as how to use a wide range of devices to obtain digital data and how to research, edit, design and present that digital data.

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