The filtering straw that could save your life in the wilderness

When it comes to outdoor survival, one of the key necessities in the wilderness is a safe drinking source.

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Research by Alderleaf Wilderness College states that up to 78 per cent of the body is made up of water, which is why locating safe water should feature higher on the list of survival priorities than lighting a fire or finding food. An innovative new project known as the LifeStraw eliminates this worry altogether and could be an essential survival tool for those stranded in the wilderness or those who simply enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Original aims

The original goal of LifeStraw – following in the footsteps of brands such as LuminAID – was to create something to help those in developing countries who do not always have access to clean water. Using a simple filtration system, the straw can be placed in any water source, quickly and effectively filtering it and making it safe to drink. Since its release over a decade ago, it has helped countless people across the globe to secure clean drinking water. Given how important we now know hydration to be, this has undoubtedly saved many lives.

The tech

The product works through its mechanical filtration system, which comprises hollow fibres. When water is sucked up through the straws, any dirt, microbes or bacteria within it are contained within the pores of these fibres, enabling clean water to pass through.

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Its recreational use in the camping and hiking sector may not be quite as hard-hitting; however, it is still an extremely useful product to have around. It eliminates the need to carry heavy bottles of excess water and can be a life saver – literally – should you become stranded or lost in the wilderness. Teamed with a Vanquest bag from a stockist such as, it could be a real asset to your next trip or hike.


Purchasing the LifeStraw also has a feel-good incentive; despite having huge commercial success, the company has remained committed to its original aim and a child in a developing country will receive safe drinking water for a year for each LifeStraw purchased. Why not add this nifty tool to your camping kit? Not only will this benefit you but also you will be helping an underprivileged child.

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