The best tips for wine storage of your home

wine storage

Whether for a good meal or to have a nice day. More and more frequent the wine corks. And this is part of a megatrend: 244 million hectoliters of wine were consumed worldwide last year according to the Detaches (DWI), which is three million more than two years ago. But how do you store the precious drops at home right? We show you what possibilities of wine storage there are and give five tips for wine storage.

With growing vine juice consumption, there is also a growing demand for chic wine cellars and proper wine storage for their own home. The possibilities are manifold.

Temperature is crucial in wine storagewine storage

Some may be surprised to see that it is not primarily about the right location, but rather about optimal temperature values: “Ideal for wine storage is an average temperature of ten to twelve degrees Celsius,” recommends Ernst Butcher from the DWI in Mainz.

The wine network mentions on his website a second, at least as the important rule for the perfect wine storage: “The temperature of the storage room should be as constant as possible, differing between day and night fluctuations and season fluctuations.” While day and night fluctuations do not occur or are minimized at least, seasonal fluctuations are reasonably acceptable (five degrees or more), according to the expert.

Store wine in cellarwine storage

If the storage location is concerned, it is best to use a cool, damp cellar, which should also be odorless, dark and free of vibrations. As an ideal are considered old building basements, which usually have thick, breathing walls and offer enough space for wine racks of any kind. If the conditions in the cellar are too bad, investors can also buy an air-conditioning unit for their basement.

The vine juice is then stored in wine rack racks and shelves, which usually consist of easy-to-expand modules and are available in almost all common furniture materials and price classes.

The “wine cellar” under the bedwine storage

But even wine fans who do not have a cellar or a large apartment can store a few good bottles of wine at home. “A cool place in the apartment, where the temperatures do not vary too much, does it also,” explains DWI expert Butcher. Often this, even if it sounds odd in the first moment, the bedroom. Beneath the bed, a small supply can be used with variable shelf modules. Also for the living room are various shelf versions available.

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Wine cellar cabinets and wine cabinetswine storage

For a long-term storage and very expensive wines is the place under the bed however not ideal. Lovers and professionals who give everything for a perfectly stored noble drop have an alternative: the wine bottle, which simulates the ideal conditions of a wine cellar and has different temperature zones for the fine-tuning of precious wines. The project manager is responsible for the website Finally, these particular cabinets are a slightly more expensive investment.

Wines do not have to lie downwine storage

Not every wine has to rest by the way. Ernst Butcher differentiates: “Wines capped with cork, which is intended for quicker consumption, can also be kept standing for a period of one to two years, as the moisture from the interior of the bottle keeps the corks sufficiently moist. Wines with plastic corks, Bottle corks or glass stoppers can be stored safely. ” However, this knowledge has not yet been discussed with wine racking manufacturers. The wine in the vine is stored in almost all cases still horizontally.

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