The benefits of an amicable divorce


The uncontested divorces are a new method to end a marriage that involves cooperation, mediation, negotiation instead of the usual adversarial approach.

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With this type of process, both parties agree to work together amicably and with respect for the good of all involved.

Choosing the right collaborative family offers many benefits not often associated with the traditional approach.

More control

With a collaborative divorce, members of the couple have more control over the outcome. This includes agreeing on property division, child custody, and alimony.

  • When operating in a favorable environment, the couple did not have to worry that a judge makes the final decision.
  • Instead, through compromise and negotiation, the end of the wedding can be win-win.

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Traditional divorces are often very expensive and protracted procedures. If the case goes to court, it only adds to the legal bill.

  • With the amicable divorce, the couple agrees that going to court is not an option.
  • The couple also falls agreement on full financial disclosure. This means that time and money are not wasted trying to find hidden assets or property.
  • This spirit of cooperation reduces the time spent in the legal system and reduces legal costs.

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Faster results

An amicable divorce also takes less time to adjust than traditional divorce.

  • During a divorce amicably, time is not wasted waiting for available dates in court.
  • In addition, the divorcing couple chooses the time and place of all meetings, there is no need to handle stressful schedule changes.

Less stress

Stress makes even more difficult to divorce the couple and their children (if any).

  • All divorces are emotionally charged, but with the divorce amicably, there is less of bitterness, anger, and resentment because both spouses both want to solve their problems.
  • Because the tone of this type of divorce is less adversarial, and the couple involved are working together on the divorce, the process is likely to be much less stressful.

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More custom resolutions

Each divorcing couple is unique. Some solutions accept that a couple may be different from what the court usually states during divorce proceedings.

  • When they work together to create a mutually satisfactory arrangement, a couple preparing a better future for their families.

Find divorce lawyers amicably

More and more lawyers in Canada are trained to divorce amicably.

  • These lawyers recognize the need for a less hostile way to end a marriage.
  • Several provinces have their own associations of collaborative family law. These associations help to find a lawyer easily.

A lighter emotional

An amicable divorce is a less painful way to legally break a family.

  • Using this type of team approach, lawyers help the couple in conflict management and dispute resolution.
  • A couple who chooses the amicable divorce can end their marriage in a way that is good for everyone.

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Then, from this more positive starting point, the couple can move forward in the next stage of their lives with less emotional baggage. The members of the couple can then also enjoy other benefits as amicable divorce can provide.

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