The ability to define your learning style


Understanding how you learn and apply this knowledge in school, at work or life, in general, will help you learn new skills and perfecting old and easily throughout your life. Below is an overview of the main features of each learning style with a tip to make it easier for everyone.

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In addition, you benefit from a mix of learning styles. So there is no need to think that there is only one style fits you. Indeed, as the context of a course or lesson or work experience, there might be more of a series of tips on how to study that work well for you.

Visual learners

If you learn better when you can see what you learn, you are a visual learner.

  • As a visual learner, color coding applied to your notes and put on the page in a way that shows the spatial relationship between the elements can help you engage memory in your lessons.
  • If these visual tricks to help you organize and learn new information, do not be reluctant to create your own visual aids using a lot of color and form to appeal to the eye.
  • You can also use recording conferences or online video. Watch (or watch again) will allow you to observe the body language of the instructor while listening to better learn what is most important in the lesson or presentation.

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Kinesthetic learners

Have you noticed that you learn best when you participate in practical activities? If the answer is yes, you are probably a kinesthetic learner.

  • As a learner kinesthetic, enter every chance you can to engage in practical learning activities.
  • You will also need frequent breaks, get up and move during a class or meeting (possibly). These breaks in which you can do a little movement will help your concentration while you’re sitting.
  • You can also benefit from listening to recordings of lessons while you walk, bike or while doing other physical activity.
  • Using your hands, you write notes, do drawings and diagrams to illustrate what you learn or even that you simply doodle, you can better internalize new content.

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Auditory learners

If you do better when you just listen to your lessons, you are an auditory learner.

  • If you are an auditory learner, attend as many conferences as you can, and consider the possibility of recording the lessons instead of, or in addition to, write your notes.
  • Online video conferences are another useful learning tool if you are an auditory learner. Make adjustments in your way of studying can also be helpful.
  • Also, when you review the information in a manual, you may find it easier to remember the subject if you read the text aloud.

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Think carefully about how you learn to better understand your learning style and follow these tips to successfully maximize your learning.

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The implementation of these changes in a way that makes sense to you can help you identify and streamline your home workspace. And in doing so your work can become more efficient and effective in your home.

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