The 5 best summer jobs for teens


Why should your teen find a summer job?

If your teen has never worked, help to identify a job that suits him depending on his interests.

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  • This will help them enjoy a very rewarding experience. A job is a great way to learn financial responsibility.
  • By talking with your teen various summer jobs, consider how he will go to work and come home.
  • Learn about the certifications required in the bid process.
  • It is also important to know if he will wear a uniform and, if necessary, if that will be provided or will have to buy it. Some companies deduct the cost of the uniform of the first paycheck.

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  1. Guarding

Your teenager he has maternal instinct? The guarding demand increases dramatically during the summer months when working parents need help to keep their children no longer go to school.

  • Taking care of children may simply mean keeping children of friends and neighbors, but it could also mean offering assistance in a day camp or a local daycare.
  • This type of job is a great job for those interested in the teaching profession. Working with children requires a lot of patience.
  • holiday camp monitors learn important leadership skills and how to resolve conflicts.
  • In addition, the camps have the advantage of helping your child learn to be autonomous.

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  1. Working in a restaurant

Teenagers interested in a job in a restaurant should have very good interpersonal skills. In other words; they must enjoy working with people.

  • Working in a restaurant needs to be able to handle multiple clients and different tasks at once.
  • In Canada, bartenders, servers, and greeters are required to obtain a training certificate on alcoholic beverages.
  • The regulations vary from province to province.
  • Make sure your child wears comfortable shoes, because he or she may spend most of the day standing.
  1. Retail

The jobs in a store are a good way to learn common responsibilities in business management or inventory management, dealing with customers, accept returns, etc.

  • Teenagers are also learning important skills in financial management.
  • Despite the difficulties that can arise unhappy customers, working with the public can be a very rewarding experience.
  • The store jobs often require having to work late and on weekends, so you should ensure you are able to adapt to these hours.

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  1. Landscaping

Many landscaping companies hiring the seasonal help to meet the increased demand in summer.

  • Working in outdoors during sunny days can be very attractive for both boys and girls.
  • Planting gardens and mowing lawns are a great option for those who are not afraid to get dirty a little and have the strength to use a mower.
  • Make sure they are provided with sunscreen and a hat in anticipation of long days in the sun.

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  1. Tutoring

A teenager who excels in school could become an excellent guardian.

  • Tutoring is offered at all levels, from primary to secondary.
  • Guardians have the advantage to decide their own working hours.
  • They typically have their own transport, because the tutors generally travel with their client or in a place of rendezvous specific.

Seasonal jobs for teens an opportunity to have new experiences and forge new friendships. With a little work, your teen will discover the joy of making money with his own hands.

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