Software that makes compliance easy for financial advisors

As independent financial advisers (IFAs) develop their businesses and attract new clients, they’re looking for client relationship management software that does more than just manage their clients.

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As shown by a report from Charles Schwabb, the investment adviser population is growing. Despite the rise of robo-advice, it’s clear that there’s still an appetite for human investment advice. In fact, the advent of robo-advice has uncovered a gap in the market for investment advisers to deliver a mix or automated and traditional advice. The resulting increased client base highlights a greater need for sophisticated back office systems for IFAs and of course a greater need for the appropriate compliance tools.

The Importance of Compliance

Compliance with industry regulations is crucial at every point in the client relationship, from ensuring all personal profiling is correct, both at its inception and throughout, to ensuring that the appropriate disclosures and documents have been issued with investments and investment advice. It’s essential that any financial advice business has strong compliance procedures so that activities are closely monitored.

When operating in a highly regulated environment, applying compliance checks manually can slow business activities considerably, so automating those compliance procedures is a must, especially as even providing the investment advice itself is becoming more reliant on adviser software. Beyond the reach of robo-adviser software, new ‘AI’ software is on the rise, helping advisers make informed decisions for clients with much more complex profiles and needs.


Fortunately, there are IFA software developers such as who recognise that flexibility is key to saving time and money. Independent financial advisers (IFAs) need comprehensive software packages that will support their practice and their business. These developers continually evolve their software to keep on top of changing regulations and legislation so that IFAs can deliver the best possible service to their clients.


With the investment adviser market growing, back office systems for IFAs play a a central role in automating not only the basic day-to-day operations that support their business but also some of the key sales and compliance functions.

Automation is at the heart of every business, and it’s essential for ensuring that you have an optimised and streamlined business that allows investment advisers more time to spend providing the high-quality service their customers expect.

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