Skin Care in Winter

skin care

With the arrival of cold and low temperatures, our skin will begin to suffer more of the account, especially our skin since it is one of the areas where the skin is thinner and therefore one of the areas that more Will accuse these changes.

It is also obvious to remember that this is the only part of our body directly exposed to rain, cold or snow, so we must think very seriously about the care needed by our skin in winter if you do not want wrinkles and dehydration do Dent in our face. The first thing we must be clear is that not all skin needs the same care, or even need it with the same frequency so it will be essential to focus the care according to the type of skin that we have.

skin care
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Sensitive Skin Care in Winter

All skin types suffer especially during this time of year but there is a type of skin that goes wrong is really sensitive skin, mainly due to sudden temperature changes. These temperature changes in sensitive skin redness often affect and may even lead to more serious conditions such as blotches or rosacea.

All types of skin can suffer sensitivity problems so extreme precautions will be essential for all types of skins (dry, mixed or greasy). One will have at hand a special moisturizer for sensitive skin, the application must be repeated periodically whenever you notice the tight or dry skin main symptom of our skin is suffering.

skin care
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Dry Skin Care in Winter

In many cases (not all) the problem of skin sensitivity is associated with a dry, dehydrated skin, so in case you possess dry skin you should also exercise caution. You should never neglect hydration, being recommended to lean on or compensating nourishing creams that provide an extra, ideal for skin regain our balance and dehydration.

Usually, this type of cream is very greasy to leave in our skin a kind of second protective skin, so its use is basic for dry skins in winter.

People with combination skin should also not neglect hydration and skin care. While they do not need to moisturize your skin with the same frequency as a dry or dehydrated skin should not forget certain areas of your skin, especially cheeks that usually suffer the most from temperature changes.

These types of skins should take into account that not all areas of your complexion need the same amount and level of hydration. Especially the T (forehead, nose, and chin) area are often the most greasy areas where people of mixed skin, so we can try to apply ourselves a less greasy moisturizer in that area and a more nutritious for the cheek area.

skin care
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Greasy Skin Care in Winter

If you think that by having oily skin your skin will not suffer in winter you will be making a serious mistake. Even oily skin need to watch their hydration and protection against low temperatures. Will be essential to find a special moisturizer for oily skin that is oil free and non – comedogenic, to ensure that no clog our pores in these cases.

skin care
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General tips for skin care in winter

In addition to previously seen, we have a number of considerations that are valid for all skin types and should not be overlooked.

  • You’d better wear makeup cream during the winter, so you will you assure a second skin when you go out into the street. If you have oily skin, look for in the market makeup in oil-free cream.
  • Do not forget, many people think that the rays of the sun do not affect cloudy and winter days. The rays of the sun continue to affect our skin in winter and we will need to continue to protect ourselves from them. A protection between the SPF SPF 15 or 20 may be sufficient.
  • Do not abuse exfoliations in winter. Although never be abused exfoliation, whatever time it is, but in this case with more reason because after the peel, our skin can feel very vulnerable temperature changes.
  • And last but not least, it is essential to properly protect other parts of the body such as the hands. Sudden temperature changes can lead to chilblains and more types of skin complications can be avoided with simple gloves.

As you can see, there are not many recommendations, but they are very basic and very important. Our skin care in winter rising to improved complexion in summer, and above all, prevent premature aging of our skin.

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