Seven Quirky Ways to Customise Your Campervan

Camping has seen a surge in popularity with the extensive range of luxury motorhomes and camping facilities available to the British holidaymaker – none more than the high-top campervan.

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A campervan is ideal for a couple and has become more popular with couples wishing to downsize from a family motorhome due to its manageable size and ease of driving. Because it is going to be home from home, many people like to convert their vans and make them unique, especially if they have had a standard conversion. There are many ways of introducing your own individual style, but here are a few helpful tips.


Customise the exterior of your van by having a stunning exterior paint job, preferably in bright, bold colours. If this option is too expensive, a more affordable way is to add stickers or transfers and create designs on the sides and roof.

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Believe it or not, there are 21 windows on the original 1954 VW campervan, so adding unusual shapes, like portholes, and different colours will give your van more light and make it stand out.


Your kitchen area can be customised by adding colourful splashbacks using brightly coloured patterned tiles and adding copper kettles and colourful pottery.


In your bedding and seating area, use colourful throws and an assortment of patterned cushions to create a homely comfortable area to relax in. Also, tied-back curtains will give it that homely feel.


Don’t be afraid to go mad and paint the interior walls in bright cheerful colours. If you are artistic, you could create a mural or some colourful designs to make your van totally unique.


Don’t forget the flooring. There are trendy Moroccan style vinyls, carpet tiles or shaggy rugs all to add style and warmth to your van.


Finally, you can add pictures to the walls and bring personal items into the van to create a home-from-home feeling.


If you are not a DIY expert, you can go to professional companies to get your campervan converted into your dream holiday home. For example, Welsh Coast Campers can help. You’ll find that Welsh coast campers specialise in VW campers.

Your converted campervan will provide you with years of enjoyment and buckets full of memories. Don’t hold back: be quirky and unique.


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