Renault Captur 2017: The SUV also plays it statutory

Renault Captur

The Captur is a success for Renault. The mid-career changes brought to him are therefore logically parsimonious. The diamond builder has aimed just by launching the Captur in 2013. In the midst of the rise of small urban SUVs, the vehicle has given a new lease of life to the Renault range previously subscribed to MPVs and sports cars. In addition, buyers have responded: from 93,000 sales the year of its launch, the Captur has sold 215,670 copies 2016! What to keep regular head against its competitors, Peugeot 2008 in mind.

A little cosmeticRenault Captur

Unless there is an industrial error, it is now rare to see big upsets in the mid-career of a model, all the more so when its success is still topical. The design launched by Laurens Van Den Acker does not move, small aspects are just modernized.

We will mainly retain the signature LED light in the form of C, which allows the car to join the style adopted by more recent models. Besides that? As always, this is the set of seven errors with only modifications on the front grille or sill. Do not expect more to distinguish yourself from the previous generation.

However, it will be possible to opt for one of the new body colors, namely Atacama Orange or Ocean Blue, or a Platinum gray roof.

On board this Captur 2017, comfort is improved a bit with more wraparound seats, a more practical storage box, and new spaces between the seats to place small objects.

In addition, quality in all this?

The big fault pointed at the initial release of the Captur, as for the Clio IV, was the quality of the materials, very disappointing compared to the competition. Renault has slightly improved things, even if we stay a little short of a 2008 or the new Opel Mokka X.

New equipment, such as a blind spot detector, the easy park assist system or a speed regulator/adapter, however, is not adaptive.

Without significantly improving the presentation quality of the entire Captur range, Renault declines the car in an Initiale Paris version, synonymous with high-end for the French manufacturer. In addition, here is the semi-urban mid-barcode model is made chic with a standard Bose audio system, leather seats, 17 ” wheels, and the appearance of chrome keys. An exclusive shade to this finish and called Black Amethyst is also available. We know very well that these vehicles will ultimately rarely in the undergrowth, but if the envy takes you, it will at least in style!

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Interior Renault capture 2017Renault Captur

Side chassis, nothing new. The Captur thus remains a reference in terms of comfort and handling. The initial version of our test was powered by a DCI 110. We find a motor already seen on other models with the same qualities and faults.

The engine is sober at speed stabilized but a little greedy in town, which makes this Captur a good trucker.

On the other hand, it will not grip you during an acceleration to the red light, even with Perrine at the wheel! It is honest, no more; we would like more power for a high-end version.Renault Captur

Captur: the struggle for power

The Captur did not need great changes to continue his good career and Renault is fully aware of this. This updating makes it possible above all to maintain the stylistic consistency of the manufacturer’s range. The fact of addressing a more “chic” clientele with the Initiale Paris version is interesting because it ensures that the Captur can stand up to its competitors, especially Germanic ones. In addition, that reminds us that these SUVs are above all urban, and will often see for any campaign of lawns well-mown picnic days. Personally, that is okay, I will bring the sausage!

The new Renault Captur is available in entry level with the engine TCe 90 from 17100 dollars. The new high-end version of Initiale Paris starts at 25400 dollars.Renault Captur

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