Real Estate: Becoming an Appraiser

For as long as there have been houses there has likely been a need to appraise property value. While many job seekers looking to dive into the real-estate market may find homes as agents, there are other options, and one potentially lucrative opportunity is a property appraiser.

A real estate appraiser or assessor is in many ways a more predictable profession than a real estate agent. An assessor’s workday is mostly spent in an office or visiting properties, and they will likely work regular business hours. If you are interested in becoming an assessor, however, there are specific steps you must take.


Before jumping into this profession, you will need to prove yourself knowledgeable. While there are some companies that offer on-the-job training, you will likely start your journey in the classroom, taking appraisal license courses. These classes will teach you the basics about property inspections and valuations.


Once you have passed your exams, you can begin your training with a recognized real estate or mortgage firm. While secondary classes will enable you to appraise properties, you will likely need an associate degree and a specified number of hours appraising to be able to evaluate properties of $250,000 or more.


The job of an appraiser is described simply; it is the valuation of a property before it is mortgaged, sold, developed, taxed or insured. Your job would be to ensure that an individual or business is not trying to buy a property for more than it is ultimately worth because your job is to protect both the purchaser and monetary supplier.

While people typically consider a job in real estate as only selling real estate, an assessor is also an important and somewhat lucrative position. The sale of properties is dependent on the accurate appraisal of those properties, ensuring that all parties are protected.

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